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Without knowing WHICH MODEL SKB 20 guage, I would refer you to the Numrich company thru their website of gunpartscorp. You can look under Ithaca for the SKB models. If they are not listed, email them and ask.


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I am in the final stages of completing the restoration of a model 311a 12 ga. The disassembly of your 311h 20 ga should be identical. That is to first be sure the gun is unloaded, after this has been ascertained the action is closed. At this point the forearm can be removed by placing the tip of the index finger between the front of the forearm and the barrels and pulling down. After the forearm is removed press the breakdown lever to the right which will unlock the action at which time the barrels can be lifed off the receiver. At this point you may remove the butt stock by removing the 2 screws in the butt plate and taking a long flat point screw driver and removing the stock bolt. Be careful when you are removing the butt stock and pull it directly to the rear. Hope this is helpful.

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