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Where can a photo of PCV valves be found on the Internet?


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Photos of most anything can be found using Google. Just go here: Then type what you're looking for. In your case "PCV valve". Put both words in double quotes to avoid hits on just PCV or just valves. Once you're searched, you can select the image size. I find selecting "Large Images" usually yeilds the best photos - better resolution and better imagages since they are likely to be real photos not just small icons, etc.


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pcv valves are always located on valve covers (but not all vehicles have pcv valves)

The 2000 Mercury is right at the model change for PCV valves. Some had the valves in a hose under the throttle body. The newer style has no PCV valve at all.

most all pcv valves are located on the valve cover

You do not adjust PCV valves. You just replace them. Now if you are referring to the intake and exhaust valves, then you need to have this done by a professional. Severe engine damage can occur if this is not done correctly. Only a job for an expert.

PCV ValvesThe "PCV" valve can usually be found by following the hoses back from the air breather or filter assembly to the valve cover. It completely depends on the type and size of engine. Some are in the "valve cover" others are mounted on the underside of the intake manifold.

Yes, all cavaliers from any year have Positive Crankcase Ventilation (PCV) valves.

4.0? Those actually dont have PCV valves, it is the rubber grommet on top of the valve cover

Yes, both the 6 cylinder and 4 cylinder engines have PCV (Positive Crankcase Ventilation) valves.

PCV valves are always located on the valve cover, there will be a hose connecting it to the intake tube.

pcv stands for(positive crankcase ventilation)it relieves the pressure in the oil pan. it is located on the front valve cover close to the driverside of the vehicle.

Most GM PCV valves fit into a rubber grommet in the rocker cover and are connected to the throttle body by a hose.

The PCV will be located somewhere on the engine block. It will have a wire attached to it and it will be on the top of the crankcase, covering the valves.

I don't have the pictures but found some by googleing Camry egr valve. You can start there and that might be enough to get you going.

The PCV valve is in the passenger side valve cover of the engine with a hose leading to the intake.

Here's a photo: http://xterra101.comimagespcv.jpg

THE PCV VALVE FOR A 2001 DODGE DAKOTA IS LOCATED ON THE LEFT SIDE OF THE OIL FILLER PORT IF FACING THE FRONT OF THE VEHICLE. YOU HAVE TO PULL OFF THE VENTILATION HOSE WHICH IS JUST SLID ON, AND THEN YOU HAVE TO TWIST AND PULL THE PCV VALVE TO REMOVE. AT THIS TIME YOU CAN ONLY PURCHASE THE PCV VALVE FROM THE DEALER ( FOR AROUND 7.00 ) DUE TO DODGE HAS NOT RELEASED THESE TO THE PARTS MARKET AS OF YET. ==General Answer== PCV valves generally are located on the valve covers. My MOPAR 3.9l has two PCV valves, one on each valve cover (so check both valve covers as you might indeed have two), which I found ammusing, as my old v8's only had one on the opposite valve cover than the oil fill was on.

The PCV valve is found in the valve cover on the passenger side.

PCV Valves are located on either the Left or Right Manifold of the engine. Simply unplug the old one and inster the new one. HTH

The 1997 Mercury PCV valve is located on the outside of the air cleaner housing. The PCV valve can be found on the back of the housing.

Take a look at the following Flickr photo. This is a '97, but the PCV is located in the same spot on the '98.

PCV valves (Positive Crank Ventilation) are usually located on the valve cover of most motors, a few are located on the backside of the motor where the intake manifold bolts to the head.

The 2005 Chevrolet Up to land or PCV valve can be found near the back of the engine. The PCV valve will be behind the air cleaner housing.

The 2001 Mercury Sable PCV valve can be found on top of the engine. The PCV valve will be on the back side of the air cleaner housing.

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