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good question i need to no the same thing have you had any luck so far? i was thinking baby sitting but im not sure anyone would takeme on!

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โˆ™ 2008-12-14 10:03:45
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Q: Where can a teenager in Kent England get a job?
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What is Kent of England?

Kent is a county in southeast England adjoining London.

Is Kent a state in England?

In England we don't have "states" - we have counties. Kent is a county.

What region of England is Kent in?

The county of Kent is in the South-East region of England.

How many square miles is Kent in England?

Kent, England - 1,442 square miles.

Where can a teenager in England get a weekend job?

Try your local restaraunts, and some shops might take you on. Especially less recognised shops. A simple paper round is a job.

Is Kent a city in Germany?

Kent is a county in southeast England.

Is kent an ledc?

No, Kent is a county in south east England.

Who played Clark Kent as a teenager in 'Superman The Movie'?

Jeff East

Will the secret life of the American teenager come to England?

Will the secret life of the american teenager come to england?

Is England added to the address on mail from the US to Kent England?

You can add England or UK to the address and it will get to Kent. Make sure you add the Post Code before England or UK.

When was Kent North born?

Kent North was born on December 27, 1971, in Kent, England, UK.

Is suffolk in kent?

Suffolk and Kent are two separate counties in England.

What is distance from Gatwick to Chatham Kent?

Chatham Kent is located in southeast England. Gatwick is located near London England. There is a distance of 35.2 miles between Gatwick and Chatham Kent.

When was Stapleton Kent born?

Stapleton Kent was born on May 15, 1883, in Northfleet, Kent, England, UK.

When was Faith Kent born?

Faith Kent was born in Hereford, in England, UK.

Where is Kent located in England?

Kent is a county that is located in the southern east part of England. It borders East Sussex, Surrey and the Greater London. One can find more information about Kent on the internet.

What are the suburbs of kent?

Kent is a county in England. Counties do not have suburbs. There are many towns within Kent, most of which would have suburbs.

Did Jonathan Kent always die while Clark Kent was only a teenager and not yet Superman before the comic books where he was kept alive were written?


Where is the town of Kent?

Kent is not a town. It is a county in the Southeast of England. There is a small town called Kent in Ohio, USA.

What direction do you go from London England to kent England?

South East. Kent is a county and has a border with London so you may not have to travel very far.

What is the garden of England called?


Is dover in England?

Dover is a port in the county of Kent in southeast England

Is Canterbury in Northern England?

No. Canterbury is in southeast England in the county of Kent.

Where is the river medway in England?

Mostly in the county of Kent which is in southeast England.

Where can one find information on jobs for teenagers?

You should look in the internet for a teenager job or you can find a teenager job in your newspaper of your town. Also you can ask a friend who has a job.