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D.E.M.O. would be a good start.

Try the Women's listing at LankyLife:

or try somewhere fashoinable, like dotti, valeygirl etc

there are so many butiques around these days! have a look around :)

AnswerActually, you can kinda go everywhere if you're skinny and very tall, cause that's how they want us all to be ;-) H&M, Urban Outfitters, American Apparell and so on... =) You're lucky with that bodytype ;-)

nobody has to be skinny or tall we are all perfect what ever you are and any good shop can supply your needs especially New Look.

AnswerShops such as Primark, Peacoks and Select do great clothes at affordable prices.
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What can be styled with blue skinny jeans?

There are many different clothing items and clothing accessories that one can style with blue skinny jeans. One of the best things that go with skinny blue jeans would be boots.

Why do female teens want to be skinny?

They want to be skinny to attract male teens.

Where can you get boys skinny jeans?

any clothing store

What are Olly Murs's favourite clothing?

skinny jeans.

Where can you get navy blue or black skinny jeans but for guys?

most men's shops do skinny jeans... I know Topman do skinny jeans: Burton do men's clothing ASOS also do men's clothing if you'd prefer to shop online..

What is 'skinny' when translated from English to Italian?

Magro / Magra male / female

What is joes most important clothing?

skinny jeans of course

Are super skinny jeans gay on guys?

No. No clothing is gay on guys. Clothing cannot be gay. Only people can be.

Where can you get tan skinny jeans?

Obey Clothing, Levi Strauss, Hollister

..female..Im 13 ... that weighs 120lbs. fat or skinny?


What do emo goths wear?

Black clothing, and converse, and like skinny jeans.....

How do you say skinny in Spanish?

Delgado for a male, delgada for a female.

What is the skinny weight for a 5'8 female?

Around 120 lbs

What is a hink pink for a skinny female ruler?

Lean queen

Is it unusual for a female cat to be skinny after it gives birth?

No, it is not unusual.

How do you say they are skinny in spanish?

Son flacos/as. (Male/Female).

Where can you get skinny jeans for a cheap price?

Wal Mart has really cheap skinny jeans. They have Miley cyrus' clothing line and gers are sooo cuuutte. ;]

How do you make skinny girls look bigger?

large clothing or closer up pictures.

Where can you get navy skinny jeans?

you can have one here

Where can i get navy blue skinny jeans?

you can have one here

What are the physical features of Leslie Burke from Bridge to Terabithia?

Leslie is a skinny, ten year old girl ,has blonde hair, and wears tacky clothing and is a girl that drowned in a creek

Is 125 too skinny for a 5 11 female?

Yes. Sounds anorexic to me.

Is a female skinny body healthy?

No.They should be fit and looking healthy.

What do fijian clothing look like?

what do u think their clothing look like? they are NORMAL,,,,except for skinny jeans! im not sure if they have begun wearing, tho!

How many midgets will fit in a Volkswagen?

Are we talking about fat midgets or skinny midgets / male / female??? Fat female midgets is about 38... Skinny male midgets, about 63.... of course this is assuming you are taking out the seats and stacking them lengthwise.