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An incline bench can be bought from many exercise supply stores such as Sport's Authority or Dick's Sporting Goods. Additionally, many websites such as Hayneedle, Target, and Walmart sell this equipment.

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Q: Where can an incline bench be bought?
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Can you change positions on the Body-Solid Powerline PFID125 Flat Incline Decline Bench?

Yes, this bench can change from incline, to flat to decline.

Will his bench fold up for easy storage?

No, unfortunately this incline and decline bench cannot be folded.

What are the main muscles that are targeted when using the Maxicam Standing Incline Bench?

The Maxicam Standing Incline Bench targets area such as middle and upper pectoral muscles and front deltoids.

Which of these is exercised when a person chooses a church to attend?

incline bench press

Which of these is exercise when a person chooses a church to attend?

incline bench press

How many different angle settings are there for this incline?

There are about eight different incline positions available on this bench including decline, flat, and inclined.

What is the difference of incline and decline?

Incline focuses on your upper chest, and decline focuses on your lower chest. Flat dumbbell bench works a little upper as well. I'd say that incline is the hardest of them all.

Is there a height limit for the Body-Solid Powerline Flat Incline Decline Bench?

You will have no problems with the bench unless you are over 7 feet tall.

What special clothing is needed for Incline bench press?

No special clothing is needed for the incline press, just wear something that you are confortable in and gives you freedom of motion.

What angles does the Body-Solid GFID21 Flat Incline Bench adjust to?

The BodySolid-GFID21-Flat-Incline-Bench will adjust from a flat position right to a 90 degree angle, using the one-touch, quick change safety pull pin.

Is the Body-Solid Powerline PFID125 Flat Incline Decline Bench a good choice for men?

Yes, this is a great bench for all types of people.

What phase of the bench press is most important?

incline dumbbell press best chest exersize to do