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Q: Where can coal deposits be located on earth?
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What are coal deposits?

the plants and the animals undergoes the earth,million of years ago and make there fossils beneaththe land are known as coal deposits.

What could explain the coal deposits in antarctica?

The coal deposits in Antarctica are explained by Pangaea where Antarctica was located next to South America, Africa, Australia, and India.

What state is the main deposits of US anthracite hard coal located?


Where are most of Russia's oil natural gas and coal deposits located?


What is the earth's largest desert with rich deposits of oil gas and ore?

Antarctica is the largest desert on earth and is thought to have huge deposits of petroleum, gas, coal and other mineral resources.

What is the method used to extract shallow deposits of coal from the earth?

They use mommies and daddies to make babies and the babies become coal miners

What are coal deposits called?

coal seam

Why are the coal deposits important for collie?

Coal deposits mean nothing at all to collie dogs.

What country in Africa has the largest coal deposits?

South Africa has the largest coal deposits in Africa.

Which of Georgia's regions contains the state's only coal deposits?

The Appalachian Plateau region in Georgia contains the state's only coal deposits. This region is located in the northeastern part of the state near the borders with Tennessee and North Carolina.

What does coal mean?

Most coal deposits in the eastern nited

Where is coal most commonly found?

Coal is most commonly found under the earth in coal mines.Coal is most commonly found under the earth in coal mines.coal is located mostly onder the plains