People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA)

Where can i find a tshirt that says peta save this bird?


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well you can Google make your own tshirt and make one yourself.


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Get PETA, random animal lovers, and liberals to help. You could start petitions that say "Save the Red Wolves".

all the animals to stupid to live by themselves and require PETA to save them

to protect and save animals by becoming vegan adopting not wearing fur etc.

bird conservation means "to save birds" its pretty simple

Well, first find your picture. Next, right-click on it then click "Save Picture As". Save it as whatever you want(example:lobster). Then, go to "My ROBLOX" then "Character". The first category is automatically T-shirts. Click "Create". Then, on the next page, click "Browse". Find your picture, then click insert. Now press enter. Tada! (You have to have BC to sell it.)

You can take the baby bird to a wildlife sanctuary.

we should save the bald eagles because they are endangered number two is that it is a beautiful bird and number three is it is the United States national bird

You have to be atleast thirteen to join. They want people between 13-24. But i would not advise it as peta are an evil animal killing group its true. They kill around 90% of the animals they "save" so do not donate any money let the bastards rot

no they were just killing them

you put a heating pad under the baby bird and feed it chopped worms or blended worms.

shoot the cat how do you keep the bird alive without harming any other animals?

To save the time, you can just buy one!

you have to rhino that flys on nyan cats back

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A hummingbird is a very small bird. It is important to save it as its extinction could have a dramatic effect on the ecosystem.

The first bird you can get from the old lady after you get the ladder from the construction guy when you save her puppy the second bird is from the guitar player after you give him 25 dollars evenually he will give you the 2nd bird that is all i no

bring it to a vet the chlorine can kill it but if the vet can put it down humanely than that would be the best for the bird

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Your friends will not find out if you save their profile pictures on Facebook.

If you find a hurt baby bird, contact a wildlife rehabilitation center. They are better equipped to handle the situation. If no one is available, and you try to save the bird on your own, do not feed it bird feed that you would feed an adult bird. Feed them small portions of moist dog food, boiled eggs, or small dog or cat kibble. Feedings should take place 2 to 3 times per hour.

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