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try numerich or brownells Brownells has a good selection. Try

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Q: Where can i find fiber optic sights for a model 37 deerslayer with a rifled barrel?
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How do you install fiber optic sights for a rifle?

You should really leave this to a gunsmith.

What is the logest barrel for a 98 coustom?

The longest barrel that isn't ridiculous is 22 inch. It is a Carbon fiber barrel made by Paintball Assassins

What is in the barrel of a paintball gun?

The barrel is just a tube, there is nothing "in" it. If you are asking what it is made out of, most of them are aluminum, there are a few ceramic and carbon fiber ones as well though.

Is fiber a carbohydrate?

Yes, fiber is a carbohydrate and is extremely important to your diet. It is what is known as a complex carbohydrate. That is why it is placed on the nutrition label under the carbohydrates. It is essential to eat foods high in fiber and low in sugars (simple carbohydrates). By the way, if you were to search, "is fiber a carbohydrate," you will find many web sights confirming this fact.

What barrel should you get for your spyder pilot?

If you need better accuracy, buy a Custom products 2 piece barrel. If you need better range, buy an Apex tipped barrel. If you need a lighter barrel, buy a Carbon fiber barrel, like the Azodin Carbon or Stifi MF.

What barrel should you get for your dangerous power g4?

A CP onepiece aluminum barrel 10-14 inches is a very good all around barrel. If yo have the money, go for a carbon fiber barrel. If you play on playing woodsball, you should look into an APEX tip.

Can make a carbon fiber gun?

well, since I own and shoot one- yes, they can be made. The barrel is steel, the frame of the gun is carbon fiber. Mine is a Bushmaster CARbon 15.

What is a composite softball fastpitch bat made out of?

Composites are made from fiber glass, most of the time the barrel is composite and the handle is aluminium.

What is the best barrel for the tippmann 98?

It depends on what you need. If you need an accurate barrel, go for a CP two piece barrel. It has removable backs with different bore sizes. Anything more expensive is a waste on a 98. If you want range, go with a Flatline or Apex barrel. They put spin on the ball, allowing it a flater trajectory. If you need lightweight, go for a carbon fiber barrel like Stiffi carbon or AZ carbon wrapped aluminum.

What is the biathalon gun made of?

barrel and action is steel, The other parts can be wood or some type of fiber. Comsosite plastic, fiberglass is the make up on some.

What are the rough parts of fruits and vegetables called?


What type of carbohydrate is fiber?

Fiber actually is a complex carbohydrate (starches also fall under this category and in moderation are important to your diet too). That is why it is labeled on the nutrition label under carbohydrates. It is extremely important to your diet by helping with digestion, hormone secretion, brain function, disease control, etc. Unlike sugars (simple carbohydrates) the molecules of fiber are longer and more complex chains. Fiber is classified as soluble and insoluble but both should be included in your diet. By the way, if you were to Google this or "is fiber a carbohydrate," you would find many web sights confirming this information.

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