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first play naruto council 3 in English and watch the mission,go in the jap game and you are OK!

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Q: Where can i get a guide in English for naruto saikyou ninja daikesshu 4 because i can't read Japanese or whatever it is so please help me?
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Buruuberii It's simply the English word pronounced in Japanese because there isn't another Japanese word for blueberry.

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This can translate into English as "Because I can't forgive".

Every English alphabet translated to Japanese alphabet?

There is only one English alphabet, and it cannot be translated into the Japanese alphabet because there is no such thing as a Japanese alphabet. Japanese uses syllabaries and picture-symbols in its writing.

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Because They are translating the episodes from Japanese to english. >.<

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All of them because they just translated the episodes to English you can watch it in Japanese

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names do not change, so use the name as it is in English. beware because of phonetic restrictions in Japanese some names pronunciation changes slight i.e. Matthew becomes mashuu because there is no th or ew in Japanese