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I know where there is one. It is in NICE condition. Where are you located?

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โˆ™ 2006-06-02 18:34:04
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Q: Where can one find a 24 or 32 gauge Iver Johnson shotgun?
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Where to find Iver Johnson stocks champion 20 gauge shotgun?

Garage sale, want ad, pawn shop, on line auction, gun shop, gun show

Where can you find a fore arm for a 12 gauge Iver Johnson single shot?


How do you find out the year of your Iver Johnson shotgun?

Submit the serial number to the company, or ask the expert at a local gunshop.

Where can you find parts for Iver Johnson 410 champion shotgun?

On line auctions, gun shops, gun shows, pawn shops.

Where do you find the serial number on a Iver Johnson 12 gauge champion shotgun?

Type your answer here... Remove the two screws on the butt and you will find a single screw inside that holds the stock on. Remove the screw and the stock can be removed revealing serial number on top.

Where can you find the manufacture date value ect for an Excel 12 gauge shotgun serial 357238xg?

This trade name was used by both Crescent Fire Arms and Iver Johnson. If it is a single shot, it will be worth $35 to $75, and if a double barrel shotgun, from $100 to $250, depending on condition.

Where can you find a barrel for a Iver Johnson Champion 410 shotgun?

Try, gun shows, gun shops, want ads.

Where can you find a forestock for an older Iver Johnson Champion 410?

Numrich (Gun Parts Copr.) has some Iver Johnson parts.

Where can you find the value of Iver Johnson firearms?

the 'bluebook'

How can you get a buttplate for your Iver Johnson Champion 410 shotgun?

Start with Gun Parts Corp and then start looking hard. Old gun parts are getting hard to find.

How do you find a complete bolt assembly for an Iver Johnson 22 safety rifle model 2X? has the best collection of Iver Johnson parts

Where can you find a parts break down for a 32 caliber us revolver?

These were made by Iver Johnson company. Try searching under Iver Johnson,

I have a 32 caliber hammerless Iver Johnson serial 45158 with a 3 inch barrel how do i find out about it?

I have a 32 caliber hammerless Iver Johnson serial 45158 with a 3 inch barrel how do i find out about it

Where can I find information on a 32 caliber break open 5 shot Iver Johnson's pistol serial?

Online! Search Iver Johnson information; There are forums that have experts or links to answer any question you have. I have yet to find a single source for everything Iver Johnson...

How can you find what year your Iver Johnson 20 gauge was made?

Generally, you can't. If you can identify the model, you can determine the years in which it was manufactured, and sometimes narrow that down by variations in the model's specifications.

Where can I find a Iver Johnson owel head set of grips?


Where can you find 8 gauge shotgun shells?


Can you purchase a 22 gauge shotgun?

If you can find one, yes.

Where can you find information about a 16 gauge Newport break action single shot shotgun?

NEWPORT was a tradename used by the catalog/hardware giant Hibbard, Spencer& Bartlett Co (HS&B) in Chicago up until WW2. The single barrel guns were made by various contract manufacturers such as Iver Johnson and WH Davenport.

Where can I find ammo for an Iver Johnson 38 cal pistol?

Most gun shops. Your Iver J is in caliber 38 S&W, which is NOT .38 Special.

Where can you find owl grips for the Iver Johnson 38 5 shot revolver?

Midway USA

Where can you find a magazine for a Iver and Johnson 380 cal pony? $32 + $7 shipping

Where can you find the age and other information about an Eastern Arms Co 16 gauge single shot which was made by Iver Johnson Arms for Sears?

If you've ID'd it as an Iver Johnson product, I'd guess it is a Champion model which was made from 1909 to 1956. I think Sears may have dropped the Eastern Arms name sometime earlier than that, probably in the 1930's.

Where can you find parts for a 12 gauge Crescent Victor Ejector shotgun?

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How Do you unjam a 12 gauge shotgun without shooting it?

You find a gunsmith.