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Information about soy milk can be found on the official website for Silk soy milk. You can also find out a lot of helpful information about soy milk from a nutritionist or your family doctor.

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Q: Where can one find information about soy milk?
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Where can I find more information on soy milk?

For general information on soy milk, visit If you are concerned about the health effects of soy milk, you can consult your physician.

What is a good brand of soy milk makers?

You have requested information on soy milk makers. There are many different brands of soy milk makers, it may seem hard to decide. The best thing is to find a site that reviews the different machines, like

Can you substitute milk for soy milk when baking?

Soy milk can be used instead of milk when baking, but one has to make some adjustments. Regular milk has natural salt; not plain soy milk : minor adjustments may be needed. Then, there are flavored soy milk (e.g. vanilla soy milk).

Is soy milk milk?

no because soy milk is now called soy beverage. soy beverage is made out of the soy plant, so it is not milk because milk is from cows.

How many grams of fat in one cup of soy milk?

There are 4.2 grams of fat in one cup of soy milk. Of that, only 0.5 grams is saturated fat. Soy milk contains no cholesterol.

Does soy milk contain citric acid?

Soy milk contains many thing but citric acid is not one of them.

Where can I find more information on soy yogurt?

You can find more information of soy yogurt by doing research on soy products. Soy products usually benefit your health by lowering your cholesterol rate.

What milk has the lowest lactose?

every one knows that soy milk has the least lactose. what do you think the word soy means?

How is soy milk made and does it come from a soybean?

Yes, soy milk come from a soy bean. To get soy milk they simply, just like they would a cow, milk the soybean.

What is soy milk?

Soy milk is a beverage made from soybeans. A stable emulsion of oil, water, and protein, it is produced by soaking dry soybeans and grinding them with water. Soy milk contains about the same proportion of protein as cow's milk. It is a healthy drink that I enjoy making soy milk everyday for my breakfast. For more information, please view the attached Related Link.

Why is soy milk a milk?

Some people drink soy milk because they are allergic to the milk that is dairy.

How long does it take for soy milk to activate?

Soy milk does not 'activate'.

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