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One can find information on a vehicle donation program for charity from websites like Car Donation Wizard, Charity Navigator, Info Line, AICPA and Voaor.

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Q: Where can one find more information on a vehicle donation program for charity?
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What is the purpose of a vehicle donation charity?

There are many reasons for a vehicle donation charity. The biggest reason for a vehicle donation charity would be so that poor people could get a car for free.

What are some popular car donation programs?

Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program is one of the more popular car donation program.

What is the maximum tax deduction for an auto donation to charity?

The maximum tax deduction for an auto donation to any charity is the full value of the vehicle donated. You can not write off more than the vehicle's full value.

Are there organizations specializing in the donation of vehicles?

Yes, there is an organization called the "Charity Car Program" which will pick up your old car and donate the proceeds of the scrap metal and parts sale to the charity of your choosing. You will also be given a tax donation receipt based on the amount your old vehicle is sold for.

What do you do with a title to a vehicle when you donate it?

The title of the vehicle should be signed over and given to the person or donation charity to whom your giving the vehilce to.

Can I deduct my auto donation to charity on my taxes?

Yes, the IRS allows you to deduct your vehicle donation from your taxes. Visit for any forms you may need.

What are the IRS rules on car donation?

The IRS rules on car donations is that donors can claim a deduction on the vehicle as long as the vehicle is of use to the charity, the charity sells the vehicle to the needy for much less than the market price.

Can I save on my taxes by giving a vehicle donation to charity?

You can take a deduction for the price at which the donated vehicle was auctioned on behalf of the charity. The charity to which you donate will arrange to have the car auctioned. The charity will be notified of the money raised by the sale. You will then receive this notification. This is the amount you can use as a deduction.

What charities allow people to donate junk cars?

Before donating to any charity one should be sure that the charity is a legitimate charity. Charities that allow people to donate juk cars include Habitat for Humanity, Opportunity Cars, Vehicles for Change, and CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program.

What kind of a tax write off do you get when you donate a car to charity?

Generally speaking the tax deduction for a donated vehicle is $500. However, if the vehicle's fair market value is more than $500, then it depends on how the donation is used by the charity. If the vehicle is sold by the charity, the maximum write off is the amount of money the charity received.

Where can one donate a vehicle to charity?

To donate a vehicle to charity, one should visit webpage donation sites such as 'Give A Car'. Alternatively, one could try other charities such as Oxfam to donate vehicles.

Where can I find a car donation center in georgia?

There are national car donation websites where you enter your car location and select a charity of your choice to receive the vehicle. One such site is

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