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The title of the vehicle should be signed over and given to the person or donation charity to whom your giving the vehilce to.

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Q: What do you do with a title to a vehicle when you donate it?
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How do you donate a car that has a title that is crossed out?

all you have to do is get a new title to donate then.

Where can one donate a vehicle to charity?

To donate a vehicle to charity, one should visit webpage donation sites such as 'Give A Car'. Alternatively, one could try other charities such as Oxfam to donate vehicles.

Where should the title of the vehicle be kept?

Do not keep the title to your vehicle in the vehicle. Keep it in your home somewhere safe.

Can you donate your car without a title?

sure why not but i don't know, i have absolutely no idea. But why would you want to donate your car?

what is the title number?

what is the title number of this vehicle?

Find lien on lost title of vehicle?

If the vehicle has a lien, the title shouldn't be lost, the lienholder should have it. Once the vehicle is paid in full, they will mail you the title.

What's the procedure for donating your car to charity in North Carolina?

Contact the organization to which you want to donate your vehicle. You'll get detailed information about the process. The organization will have an arrangement with an auto dealer where you will pick up papers for the donation and arrange to transfer the title and the vehicle.

What happen if i donate my car to my cousin and i sign the title. is that all i have to do?

What happen if i donate my car to my cousin and i sign the title. is that all i have to do?

Is it possible to have a lien on your vehicle even if you already have the title?

Yes. The title you received when you purchased the vehicle should show the lien holder. Even when you buy a vehicle on credit, you will receive a title. It is a lien title. You will not receive the full or clear title until the vehicle loan is paid off.

Can you get a title loan without vehicle inspection?

Can u get a title loan without a vehicle inspection

How can you ell if you bought a vehicle with a salvage title?

It will say "Salvage" vehicle on the bottom right corner of the title. No vehicle can be sold without indicating if its a salvage, rebulit or a regular title.

How do you obtain a vehicle title in your name if the owner of the vehicle has lost the title?

The owner of the vehicle needs to call the DMV and pay for and order a new copy of the title to turn over to you.

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