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Prepaid cell phone plans can be obtained from a wide variety of different mobile companies. T-Mobile, Verizon, Virgin Mobile, and AT&T, for example, each offer these plans.

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Where can one obtain a T Mobile prepaid plan?

T-Mobile prepaid plans can be obtained by purchasing a T-Mobile prepaid cell phone. After you have purchased your T-Mobile prepaid cell phone, simply activate it.

Where online can someone compare prepaid cell phone plans?

One can compare prepaid cell phone plans on many websites. T-Mobile's website allows one to compare all of their prepaid cell phone plans and helps the buyer pick the right plan for them.

What are the benefits of prepaid cell plans?

One big benefit of a prepaid cell phone plan would be that you would not have a two year contract so in case you need to get out of you phone plan you will be able to without having to pay an arm and a leg to end a contract. Most times a prepaid cell phone's monthly payments will be lower than a contracted cell phone plan.

Are there any advantages to having a prepaid cell phone plan?

Having a prepaid cell phone plan allows the user many different advantages over a traditional plan. With a prepaid cell phone plan, you are not bound to any contracts for a certain amount of time. Also, you are able to pay upfront for how much you want to spend per month on your cell phone. There is a greater variety of phones to purchase in the market today that are designed for a prepaid plan that can compete with phones that are offered strictly for those who want to stick to a contract. Finally, if you buy a prepaid cell phone, and realize you don't use it as much as you thought you might, then there will be no cancellation or early termination fees for stopping your cell phone service. The greatest draw for the prepaid cell phone plan is its freedom from contract, and the ability to switch phones at whatever point one may desire to.

How long have you had you cell phone plan?

I have a prepaid phone. When I had a cellular plan it was for two years. I have had a cell phone plan for almost 10 years. I had one plan for a year, another for 8 years, and I am almost at a year with my newest plan with Sprint.

What does one have to do to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone?

Most of the time, one doesn't need to do anything to qualify for a free prepaid cell phone. One can get a prepaid cell phone by talking to a local cell phone service provider such as Rogers.

When you buy a cell phone do you have to have a plan?

When you buy a cell phone you also need a company to provide cell phone service to that phone, so yes, you will need a plan in order to receive cell phone service. However, there are two kinds of plans. One that requires a contract and one that is called the "pay as you go" or "prepaid" plan. So you do not have to have a contract when you buy a cell phone.

Manage Your Wireless Spending?

When trying to save money, one of the smartest choices a person can make is to buy a prepaid cell phone. By using a prepaid cell phone, a person will not have to worry about spending money over a budget. A person will be able to monitor exactly how many minutes he or she uses in a month with a prepaid cell phone. This is one of the most economical sorts of choices a person can make to save money. Finding the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan can truly help a person to save money over the course of a few years. With a prepaid cell phone plan, a person may only have to pay $20 or so in fees, depending on how much a person uses a cell phone. This sort of plan is the best for people who only sparingly use a phone. If a person uses a cell phone on a frequent basis, then it is probably wise for that person to simply invest in a cell phone plan of some sort. A cell phone plan will then save a person money.

What should I know about prepaid cell phones before buying one?

You should be aware of the price of the cell phone plan and any limitations that are involved in the plan.

Where can one find the best prepaid cell phone plans?

No prepaid cell phone plan is better than the other. With something being prepaid, one pays as they go, and therefore it only costs as much as one wants it to. As for the phone itself, most companies offer the pay as you go option and have relatively competitive prices.

Where can one find Verizon prepaid cell phone plans?

The Verizon website offers several prepaid cell phone plans. Verizon offers plans that allow customers to choose the plan that fits their budget and needs.

Can you buy cell phone for someone?

Yes, whether through family plan, a separate plan, or one of those phones that have prepaid minutes.

Save Money With Unlimited Prepaid Cell Phone Plans?

Unlimited cell phone plans offer unlimited minutes and text for one monthly price. Some plans offer data and Internet usage with that price or as an add on to your plan. Most carriers offer prepaid unlimited plans cheaper than a contract unlimited plan. The difference is that you will have to buy your phone with a prepaid plan, but with a contract plan the price of the phone is discounted or free.

Where can one purchase prepaid cell phone cards?

There are many places where one could purchase prepaid cell phone cards. Some of the best places to purchase prepaid cell phone cards would be at a grocery store or gas station.

Prepaid Cell Phone Plans Comparison?

Some people do not want to invest in a cell phone contract or deal with the stress of having one specific plan. This is where a prepaid cell phone comes into play. Such a phone is an easy way to gain access to a cell phone without having to worry about overcharge fees if a person goes over his or her monthly minutes or texts. Instead, once one reaches his or her limit, the phone will just stop working. Before investing in any one phone or plan, it is important to take the time to look into prepaid cell phone plans comparison. This ensures one gets the best rates and the most service.

Where can one get affordable prepaid cell phone service?

Companies such as Boost Mobile, and Cricket allow you to have a prepaid phone without a monthly plan. Luckily, these services are extremely affordable and you can cancel at any time.

Finding the Cheapest Prepaid Cell Phone Plan?

As with normal plans, the cheapest prepaid cell phone plan for one person is not necessarily the cheapest prepaid plan for somebody else. Before choosing a plan, you need to take a close look at your previous bills in order to find out how often you use your phone, and make your decision based on that. Don't confuse prepaid for pay as you go either. While the two are often offered by the same company, they are not identical. A prepaid plan means that you pay for your minutes upfront at the beginning of the month. Pay as you go means that you pay for each minute you use the phone.

Can I get an LG Marquee to use on a prepaid plan?

Yes the LG Marquee is available as a prepaid phone. Check out your local cell phone store. If you cant find one, I suggest with starting by calling Verizon or Sprint

Advantage of using Cell Phone Prepaid Plans?

Cell phone prepaid plans have become more and more popular. The reason is because it is cheaper and the plans can now be purchased with smartphones. Everything that traditional cell phone companies offered can now be enjoyed with prepaid plans that cost much less than contract phone plans. A cell phone prepaid plan costs one low price for a full month of unlimited service for data, calling and texting, unlike the more expensive contract plan that holds the customer hostage for a minimum of two years.

Why Switch To Phone Prepaid Plans?

Prepaid plans for cell phones are a great way to cut the costs of your cell phone bill every month. With prepaid plans, you pay more for the phone in the beginning, and less for the plan every month. It may seem costly to start using prepaid phone plans, but the ends usually justify the means. Many prepaid cell phone plans even offer unlimited plans that are cheaper than contract cell phone carriers. Prepaid plans are also great if you're just entering the cell phone world, or for kids who need to have restricted phone capabilities that parents feel they can control. People will credit that otherwise would not get them approved for a cell phone on a contract can happily enjoy prepaid plans as there are no credit checks needed in order to obtain one.

Best Prepaid Cell Phones?

One of the best prepaid cell phone plans is the Cricket prepaid cell phone plan. When you order your prepaid cell phone from MyCricket.com, you get free overnight shipping and free cell phone service activation. Cricket doesn't require a credit check, and they offer plans for unlimited talking and texting. You don't have to sign any long contracts, and you will never have to pay any overage fees. Cricket offers several options for prepaid cell phone models, including the Samsung Vitality, the Samsung Indulge, the LG Optimus C, the Kyocera RIO and the Kyocera Domino. Visit the website to find the phone for you.

How does Sprint prepaid wireless function?

Sprint prepaid wireless functions relatively smoothly. First, one selects a cell phone that is eligible for Sprint's prepaid wireless plan, then one pays ahead of time for the wireless service they desire. There is no contract.

I'm looking for the best prepaid cell phone plan?

Virgin Mobile offers one of the best prepaid cell phone plans. Their lowest plan is just $25 a month and includes 300 minutes, unlimited text and unlimited web and data. The minutes start over every month. They offer a $50 a month plan that includes unlimited everything.

Is StraightTalk a reliable prepaid cell phone provider?

Yes StraightTalk is a reliable prepaid cell phone provide. One of my friends uses it, and she loves it. It is just like any other prepaid phone company. It is not a scam, and it works just as well.

How can one purchase a Nextel prepaid cell phone?

You can purchase a Nextel brand prepaid cell phone from the boostmobile website or from the wirefly website. Alternatively the website known as prepaidcellphoneselection offers a wide range of prepaid packages available with a Nextel phone.

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