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Generally, No. Although if you purchase the phone unlocked, you can use it with a Verizon prepaid plan.

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Q: Is the HTC Rhyme Android phone Verizon cell phone a prepaid cell phone?
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Free Verizon prepaid minutes?

I Need minutes on my prepaid phone Verizon Phone Can I Get Them

Can the Verizon voyager be used as a prepaid phone?

it cant be prepaid. i called Verizon to try and make it prepaid but its to smart to be prepaid.

How can i turn my Verizon iPhone 4 into a prepaid at home?

You will have to have the phone unlocked to turn the Verizon iPhone 4 into a prepaid phone.

Will Verizon wireless work on straight talk Samsung Galaxy precedent android prepaid smartphone?

From what I'm told, straight talk will be switching from Sprint to Verizon on this phone.

Which has the best prepaid phone coverage?

I think Verizon And I have had it

Can you make a enV2 Verizon phone prepaid?

you can actually make most phones for Verizon prepaid except smart phones.

What was the first Android phone on Verizon?

The Droid.

Can you switch a alltel prepaid phone to a Verizon prepaid phone online?

no you have to go into the store and have it flashed over to verizon's network it cost anywhere from $15.00-$30.00

Does Android only work with the Verizon phone plan?

No the Android does not only work with the Verizon phone plan. Yes one can buy an Android phone and use it on AT&T plan.Be aware that Verizon offers an attractive Family Plan with excellent service.

Where are Verizon prepaid cell phones available?

Verizon prepaid cell phones are available from Verizon's website and also most cell phone stores. You can ask the employees in the store about the best prepaid plan for you.

How do you turn my Verizon phone to prepaid?

why ju asking mua

Where can a Verizon prepaid phone be bought?

A Verizon prepaid phone can be bought at Verizon Wireless stores and kiosks, Best Buy, Target, Amazon, Staples, Grand &Toy, Walmart, Future Shop, and Wire Fly.

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