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There are some plans for seniors and the are offered by a few carriers. Some plans are offered by AT&T, Jitterbug, and Verizon, and the plans range from about $10-$40, depending on the calling features.

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Q: Where can one go to get a cellphone plan for seniors?
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What are the best low-cost cellphone plans?

There are multiple ways you can view a cellphone plan. You can go online and view cellphone plans with different companies. Also, you can go to the store and talk one on one with a customer service representative.

How should one go about changing their cellphone's package plan?

It is usually very easy to change your cellphone package plan. In fact, most cellphone companies offer you the ability to do this right online. Simply go to the website of your provider, log in, choose "change package", and choose the one you want.

Where can one go to find a cheap cellphone plan?

You can find a cheap cellphone plan by going to an AT & T store and talking to their representative. You can save more money by going for tie-in or family plans.

Is there a pre-paid IPhone 5?

You need to go to the cellphone service provider. The cellphone company puts the prepaid plan on your iPhone, not apple.

Is data included in cellphone service plans?

Each cellphone service plan is different. This is a question you should ask the sales person at the store when you go to buy your phone or your service plan. There are different amounts of data that can be part of the plan depending on the company.

What is the best cellphone plan out there?

It depends on what you need to personally do. If you want to go month to month, then you should consider a pre pay plan, as there is no contract with these.

What is a cellphone data plan and is it required for all cellphones?

A cellphone data plan is basically having Internet on your phone. The only thing is that it's not unlimited, this means you can only go on a specific amount of pages. A data plan isn't required for every cellphone, but it's required for all smartphones and blackberries. There are a few cellphones that don't require it, but they are older phones(such as flip phones and some that slide up. They are cheaper)

If text messaging isn't on your cellphone how do you put text messaging on your cellphone?

All cellphones have text messaging unless your cellphone is one of the first cellphones ever invented. Go to your cellphone carrier and talk to them about how to acess your text messaging.

What are the cheapest cell phone plans for seniors?

Typically a good cell phone plan is hard to find universally cheap. There is always something out there that will appeal in one way and lack in another. As for seniors and due to the current generations becoming more and more tech-savvy, most seniors would understand a good deal on a phone without being left in the dark. The "typical" senior would most likely use a simply flip phone on a pay as you go plan.

Which payment options are available if one wants to buy Rogers Wireless Phones?

There are a number of plan options for someone wanting to buy a phone from Rogers. One can purchase a Pay As You Go phone or sign up for a monthly contract. Some plan options include individuals, couples, family and seniors.

Is prom only for seniors?

No, it's for the juniors paid by the junior class, but seniors are allowed to go to it.

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