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One of the best places to purchase used Cadillac cars in New Jersey is the website NJ. They have an 'auto' section with a number of used Cadillac cars for sale. Motor Trend and Auto Trader also have used Cadillac cars for sale.

2013-05-10 06:15:46
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Where can one purchase a 1999 Cadillac DeVille?

The CarGurus, Cars For Sale and Cars websites on the internet have a good selection of used 1999 Cadillac Deville cars across the USA. It may also be worthwhile checking with a local dealer, to save the expenses of travelling.

Where can one purchase a used 1964 Cadillac?

Should one wish to purchase a used 1964 Cadillac, there may be a number of sources available. To look for such a vehicle. one might read specialist publications such as Autotrader or the magazine Classic Cars. Perhaps a Cadillac dealership may have one for sale. Another source might be a Cadillac Owners Club newsletter.

Where can one purchase a used Cadillac SRX?

One can purchase a used Cadillac SRX from a local used car retailer. Another place is to search on websites such as Autotrader or Craiglist for a used Cadillac SRX.

Does New Jersey have a 72 hour return policy on used cars?

There is no mandatory return policy for used cars in New Jersey.

Where can a person purchase a 1970 Cadillac?

The best place to find a 1970 Cadillac would be to look anywhere that used cars are advertised. The easiest way would probably be to look in a car magazine such as auto trader.

Where can one purchase a used Cadillac CTS online?

There are several places online where someone could purchase a used Cadillac CTS. Website such as, autotrader, cartrucktrader, crazycheapcars, and autobytel, all sell used Cadillac CTS online.

Are Cadillac cars as expensive as they used to be compared to other brands?

New Cadillac cars are still fairly expensive yes. You may however purchase a used one in good condition for a decent price however. This would also be much more cost effective than purchasing one off a lot.

Where can one purchase a used Cadillac Escalade?

One of the best places to purchase a used Cadillac Escalade is at Auto Traders. A person can also check out Car Sales, Cadillac Owners and The Car Connection online.

Where can you buy a 1976 Cadillac?

One can purchase a 1976 Cadillac at any local used cars store. One could also purchase one online on such sites as "Hemmings", "eBay", and many more. One could also check classifieds sites such as "Craigslist" and so on.

Where can one purchase a used Cadillac in Canada?

One can purchase a used Cadillac in Canada from a variety of sources. It would depend which Province or Territory one is in, before determining the best place to purchase. The most likely place to find and purchase used Cadillacs are either used car lots, or in dealerships, where an old Cadillac was traded in for a new vehicle.

Used cars sales tax in New Jersey?

Yes, the purchase of a used vehicle is subject to NJ 7% sales tax, based on the purchase price of the car. The sales tax is paid when the vehicle is registered with NJMVC.

Where can one purchase a Cadillac Roadster?

There are a large variety of different places available where one can purchase a Cadillac Roadster. These places include, but are not limited to, Cadillac dealerships and used car dealers.

Where online sells used Cadillac Seville cars?

Cadillac Seville cars can be bought easily online through websites like Car, Autotrader, and Cadillac dealer. There are several websites that allow you to search for places that cell the Cadillac Seville in your city.

Where can one purchase a used Cadillac?

If you would like to purchase a used Cadillac the first place to look would be the used car dealerships near you.If you do not find success with that you may look into ebay motors.

How can you purchase a used Maverick jersey?

go to eBay

Where can one purchase used Cadillac Escalade parts?

One can purchase used Cadillac Escalade parts from Cadillac, Woodfins, The Auto Channel, Auto Pro USA, Amazon, Parts Hotlines, JC Whitney, Auto Parts Warehouse and many more.

Where can one find a good deal on Cadillac cars?

You can find a good deal on Cadillac cars through Carmax, Cadillac, Auto Trader and other websites. You can also find them through various local used and new car dealers.

Where are some of the places that one might purchase secondhand cars?

One can purchase used cars from local car dealers such as Toyota, Chevrolet, Honda, and Hyundai. One can also purchase used cars from current car owners. Websites such as Craigslist and Autotrader can help one find used cars for sale.

Where can one purchase a used 2000 Cadillac Escalade?

One can purchase a used 2000 Cadillac Escalade from Auto Trader where there are many such vehicles listed. One can also buy them from AOL Autos and eBay Motors.

Are the used cars on Monroe in L.A. a good place to purchase used cars?

Buying used cars in Monroe L.A is about the same as buying used cars anywhere,if it local to you then give it a go.

Where can one purchase VW golf cars?

One can purchase Volkswagen Golf cars at Official Volkswagen retailers and used Volkswagen Golf cars can be bought from internet on many used car websites.

At what used car dealer in Dallas can one purchase a Cadillac?

If a person in Dallas is interested in purchasing a used Cadillac they can check out Massey Cadillac Dallas car dealership. They can also check out Dallas Cadillacs.

Where is it possible to get a SRX Cadillac?

The Cadillac SRX is a luxury SUV that can be purchased new or used at any Cadillac Dealership. Used Cadillac SRX SUV's can be purchased at Carmax and Autotrader. Many times ads for used cars are found in the newspapers, craigslist, and other car sales publications.

Where can used Cadillac cars be found?

Many Cadillac car listings can be found online. Yahoo has an auto section that lists a lot of Cadillacs that are for sale. One can look up cars for sale in their area.

Where can one purchase a black Cadillac?

A black Cadillac can be purchased through at your local Cadillac dealership. Used Cadillacs can also be found at other dealerships such as CarMax or using eBay.