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There is no legal way to erase credit card debt without filing for bankruptcy. If this was possible, then the inventor would be extremely rich, and no-one would have any debts.


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No. Bankruptcy doesn't erase anything from your credit. In fact, it adds a very, very, bad thing to it.

Generally speaking, in the US, bankruptcy stays on a persons credit records for up to seven to ten years. It may depend on what particular bankruptcy was filed for. It's a good idea to check with a credit bureau to get the complete picture. Also, another reason to check with credit bureaus is that they may have forgotten to erase a bankruptcy that they have overlooked.

Yes, however, bankruptcy can remain on the report longer.

It doesn't erase anything on your own credit report....just adds to it, why would it change someone elses? It adds that you are a bankrupt as well as having missed payments and had a repossession. A credit report simply reports what happened in the past....what ever you do now does not change live with the history you created.

Bad check debt filed with the state.

Hi,yes every single debt will be erase,the only debts you can't erase with bankruptcy are past due taxes,everything else is wipe out,thats why is called "fresh start" .

Yes, it would be illegal to erase the memory of someone else's cell phone. It would be illegal because it is not your property.

Take a magnet, swipe it on the magnetic strip on the card.

you can't. your stuff is in the memory.

Stanley R. Stern has written: 'How to erase bad credit' -- subject(s): Consumer credit, Forms, Forms (Law)

It is not so much that it will erase, it will be sealed. So if someone would do a background check on you this charge will not show on your records. These things can't be held against you as an adult. If you commit a major criminal offense (most times a felony), in certain circumstances, it can be unsealed.

Bad credit can be erased through the removal of past due bills. Paying bills and invoices that are past due is of a high priority as they are highly damaging to a persons credit. Having a large gap between balances on a credit card, and the credit limit is helpful to a credit score.

I just spoke with someone from Rustoleum about this. Their brand of dry erase paint will not work over magnetic paint because they say the dry erase paint will not adhere to the magnetic paint.

Unfortunately, there is no such thing as loan forgiveness when it comes to payday loans. The only way to erase these debts is to declare bankruptcy.

If the credit pulls were not authorized, write a letter to each of the bureaus that are reporting the inquiries, and let them know that they were not authorized. Legally, they should remove this information from your credit report if it is inaccurately reporting. If you did authorize the credit pulls, then this information will likely stay on your credit report for 1-3 years.

Without a code reader (you can buy one for about $80 at most auto parts stores), you can sometimes erase the codes by disconnecting the battery cables. Most newer code readers allow you to erase the computer memory.

Someone could purchase dry erase calendar boards from Office Depot, ULINE, Office Max, Amazon, Target, and Staples. These boards are multifunctional, and can be of great help when schedules are constantly changing.

Should be able to just disconnect your battery for a few minutes and it will erase the codes.

Yes, well there are a couple of options, but i think. You should just erase the whole phone.

i dont think you can do that. i think you have to be on software to do that

you hit forward and then erase all the emails on it.

U have 2 restore it and erase all of its data

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