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Pokemon Diamond Pearl and Platinum

Where can you buy Pokemon pearl for ds in Dubai?

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yes it is in fantastic games bur dubai

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Where to buy Pokemon Diamond and Pearl PC game in India?

Pokemon Diamond and Pearl are only available on the Nintendo DS.

How do you get a AR in Pokemon pearl version?

you need to buy an action replay ds

Is an ds action replay smaller then an Pokemon Pearl ds?

Pokemon pearl ds card is smaller then a action replay

How do you get on Pokemon pearl?

you tern on your ds and tap Pokemon pearl

What are good Pokemon games to buy?

I suggest Pokemon Diamond and Pearl for Nintendo DS, and Pokemon Battle Revolution for the Wii.

How do you get action replay on Pokemon Pearl ds?

First you buy the Action Replay at stores such as BestBuy,WalMart, hopefully your local GameStop. The Action Replay is not programed in Pokemon Pearl you have to buy it.

Where to get action replays for Pokemon Pearl?

you buy action replays at stores or online and you then look 4 Pokemon pearl on the screen of your DS then you'll find the cheats.

What Pokemon can you get with pearl inserted in your ds on Pokemon Pearl?

You can get the Pokemon in Sinnoh. If you go to, you can see them.

How do you get ten master balls in Pokemon Pearl?

I don't know. But i know how to get 999. You buy a DS cheat cartridge. You then put in Pokemon pearl THEN the cheat cartridge THEN you click on Pokemon pearl/diamond and then click on Pokemon 999 Master balls.

Where can i download Pokemon Diamond and Pearl heart gold soul silver for free?

You Buy them in a Ds game pack for Nintendo Ds or Dsi

What was the first Pokemon game on DS?

The first Pokemon games for the DS are Diamond and Pearl.

How do you trade Pokemon from Pokemon pearl to platinum with just on ds?

You need 2 ds your out of luck

How do you fuse Pokemon on Pokemon pearl the ds game?

you cant...

Can you merge Pokemon diamond or pearl ds?


How do you recalibrate Pokemon Pearl DS?

with your stylus

Does an action replay ds work for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

An action replay DS does work on Pokemon Diamond & Pearl I use it all the TIME!

What Pokemon games are available for ds?

Pokemon diamond, Pokemon platinum and Pokemon pearl

Is there a Pokemon Platinum that is going to be released for the wii?

No, there will not be a Pokemon Platinum that is going to be released for the Wii. Pokemon Platinum is solely for the Nintendo DS, DS Lite, and DSi. But, on the wii shop channel u can buy Pokemon ranch for pearl and diamond.

How do you transfer Pokemon from pearl over to white?

get 2 ds' and in pearl when you turn the ds on go to the bottom right that says ds wireless communications and then in black go to route 15 and there is a big building where you can transfer your Pokemon to pearl

Where do you find Cynthia on Pokemon pearl DS?

of course the Pokemon league

Can you transport Pokemon from pearl to emerald not emerald to pearl?

no, pearl is for ds, emerald is for gameboy advance.

How do you choose your Pokemon on Pokemon Battle Revolution?

you have to have a DS Pokemon game. (I know diamond and pearl will work) you connect with the wii on your DS and download your DS Pokemon to Battle Revolution.

Where can you get Pokemon Pearl version GBA?

You can't the Pearl version is only for the DS.

How do you use the code in Pokemon pearl?

Its simple :p just buy a action replay for DS- or Dsi -witch also works on DS and DS lite it has name click it and then choose codes.

Can you trade Pokemon off your phone onto your DS if you have Pokemon red on phone and Pokemon diamond-pearl on DS?

Of Course ......NOT!!!

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