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Where can you buy a replacement antenna for a 1990 Jaguar?


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2005-11-04 08:10:05
2005-11-04 08:10:05

It will be a dealer's item try I have seen them on Ebay for $17. The actual antenna mast with the toothed strap that extends on the bottom and makes the antenna go up and down is rather easy to replace if it is just bent. If there are pieces of the toothed strap broken inside the antenna assembly or the round gear that moves the strap is worn you need to open the antenna housing up and look inside fish the broken bits out and check the gear for signs of wear if the round gear is worn look for a whole new asembly on Ebay as the gear cannot be found (at least I have not been able to). Whomever sels the replacement mast will supply the installation steps. bassicaly you feed the toothed strap from the mast into the hole the gear will cach it and wind it down properly. Just turn the radio on and off a few times and the antenna will get itself leveled properly...


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