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Q: Where can you buy berghoff root beer in detroit?
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Where can you buy Hires rootbeer?

In Detroit,Michigan they do not sell hires root beer brand but the have old town root beer sold there as a delicacy! They also have many other brands!

In general how do you make root beer?

well root beer is brued just like beer is brued but it doesn't have alcihol in it. You can't make root beer with out stuff to brue it in so..........BUY SOME BRUERS!!!

Where to buy leinenkugel beer online? i dunno..but you can buy root beer online here

How do you get a root beer in Club Penguin?

u buy t from the store the gift shop

Where can you buy hires root beer in tucson AZ?

you can order it from amazon. they just got it.

Where can you buy hires root beer in pa?

You can not. Kirchners bev in Lancaster used to distribute it but they can no longer get it

Where in the Southwest can you buy Hires Root Beer?

In a lot of places, but mostly grocery stores and gas stations.

Where do you get the root beer in Dragon Ball Z buus fury?

fly to papaya island where the world tournment was held.there will be a stall for drinks go there and buy aroot beer.....

Where to buy disposable root beer float glasses?

Check at general merchandise stores like Target or Shopko.

Where can you buy brown gumballs?

There is many online places to buy root beer flavored gumballs online. For coupon codes email

How old to buy beer in GA?

you have to be 21 in the US to buy beer you have to be 21 in the US to buy beer

What root is rootbeer originally made of?

Well, I know that it is made from saspirilla roots so that is probably why it is called ROOT beer. Now about the beer, I have no idea. Maybe because it's color makes it look like beer? Maybe you could search it on Wikipedia MSN Google Yahoo! You obviously do have no idea. The first sarsaparilla root drink manufactured and sold was introduced at a state fair. The seller named it "root tea", but was quickly advised that people in the area were unlikely to buy it with that name, so he changed it to "root beer" and it sold very well. Most modern Root Beers are colored with caramel to get that color, the normal color is much lighter.