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I'd try Numrich Gun Parts at the related link >>>>

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Q: Where can you buy replacement firing pins for a Little Scout 14 12 22 cal long?
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Little Scout 22 Long Rifle is it ok to use?

Have a gunsmith check it over.

What is the value of a little scout 22 long rifle model number?

10-100 USD or so

What is a little scout 22 long rifle pat. July 1907 worth?

10-100 USD or so

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Where can parts for little scout 22 long rifle be found?

gun shop, gun shows, want ads, on line auctions

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What is the value of a J Stevens Little Scout 22 long rifle Model 14 1-2 without the Savage Arms Co mark as with later models and how can you get the firing pin repaired?

The Little Scout Model 14-1/2 was made from 1911 to around 1941. It followed the Little Scout Model 14 (one-piece stock, 1906-1911). The lack of the Savage mark probably won't affect the value much. Condition is everything. I have about a dozen 14-1/2s and have paid as little as $75 to as much as $175, and I've seen really nice examples with asking prices exceeding $500; they never seem to sell at that elevated level. Most 14-1/2s on the auction boards go from $100 to $200. Any gunsmith with a lathe could turn a firing pin; the pin is simple and easy to replace. Some on-line parts sellers may have the pins, too, and you can replace it easily yourself by tapping out a small pin that holds it in place.

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What is value of Little Scout 22 long rifle?

I have seen private parties advertise them for sale in Arkansas for $500.00 in the classified sectiion of the state newspaper, the Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

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How can you find out about your J Stevens Little Scout 22-long rifle Pat date of July 2 '07?

This was a version of the stevens favorite model single shot rifles.Your stevens model little scout was the model 14 1/2.these were made from 1909-1936.They came with either a 18in.or a 20in barrel,and a rolling breech block action with iron sights.I hope this helps?

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Where can you find a stock for a J Stevens Little Scout 22 caliber long rifle gun 1907 model?

I would start with numrich gun parts corp. and then look at E-gun

What is the value of a J Stevens Model 14 1-2 Little Scout 22 long rifle Pat July 2 1907?

Depends on originality and condition. Most of these rifles were used and abused, since the target demographic was teenage (or younger) boys. Typical Little Scout rifles sell in the $150 range. Truly mint examples are very rare and would reach over $400.

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