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Where can you buy sulphuric acid?


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September 14, 2007 3:46PM

Hi knowledge seekers! I found a disused car battery a few weeks ago and dragged it home for the lead and battery acid. It contained about 1.5 l of battery acid. I assayed the acid at about 30 w% sulphuric acid. It dissolves steel scrap in a jiffy... Replacement battery acid should be about the same strength but is now harder to get because car batteries are now sold essentially "maintenance free". Theoretically the battery acid can be increased in sulphuric acid concentration by distillation but this is a bit of an expert process, I feel. Other stronger sources of commercially available sulphuric acid are drains cleaners (up to 50 w% sulphuric acid, I believe). Chemshops and photo development shops may also sell higher concentrations but usually at a premium price. Visit me at