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Cut the grass, cut a record, cut out paper snowflakes, cut out the negative factors of your life... but don't cut yourself. Get some help, talk to someone, many of us have gone through this too.

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How do you set up own website?

use 1&1 my website in google and you can make any website thats the easiest way

How can you control ground cover?

round up and hedge trimmers, cut them back then round up or white vinegar them

What is the use of a band aid?

to cover the cut or scrape up from getting infected and to stop bleeding.

What is Cut and cover Method?

The cut-and-cover is a tunnel construction method created in a shallow excavated trench then covered or roofed over. This method has two types which are the bottom-up method and the top-down method.

What word means to cover up with color?

Thats an odd question... but since you asked I think the best answer would be, overlay with colors.

May someone please explain to me how I can make an album cover in PowerPoint that is similar to the Wiz Khalifa California cover from his upcoming mixtape Look up the Wiz Khalifa cover in google?

you could look up the cover and copy and paste it on to powerpoint or save it and insert it or you could draw one and scan it in and copy it. Thats all i can think of.

How do you make a working model of the digestive system?

mash up food and get legings cut a hole at the bottom and squish it thruogh and thats a good model

What do you do if you have a bad haircut?

Get it cut again or wear a hat or something to cover it up. Or you can stlye in a way that makes it look better

Can you cut up and old military uniform and cover a scrapbook?

If you wish. Your military uniforms are yours, and you can pretty much do what you please with them.

Where did Michelle Obama grew up?

In chicago thats where she was born and grew up at. i think thats the correct answer.

You get a minor cut on your knuckle while grating cheese what do you do?

You should rinse the cut out with cold water and put some sort of anti-bacterial ointment and cover it up with a band-aid

The easiest way to get your woodcutting levels up in runescape from scratch?

I would recommend cutting what you want until you get 30 WC, but then from 30-60 cut Willow trees, then at 60-75 cut Maple trees until 85, then cut yew or magic until 99.

What parts of animals are easiest to preserve?

It is actually easier to preserve the whole animal rather than cutting it up and trying to preserve it. That's why when you dissect a frog, it is always in one piece and not cut up.

What is the easiest language to pick up?

There is no such thing as an "easiest language." It depends on the person.

Whtat is the difference between cut and cut up?

Cut is to separate with or as if with an instrument. Cut up is to cut to pieces.

How do you cover an unused electrical meter socket?

The electric company can provide a cover or if you want to avoid them, a circle cut from thin plastic should work. <<>> You can pick one of there cover plates up from an electrical supply wholesaler. Just ask for a blank meter base cover plate.

Which PDA is the easiest to sync up with your PC email?

IBM PDA's are generally the easiest to sync up with your PC email.

What is difference between honesty and cover up?

Honesty is telling the truth and a cover up is when you cover up the truth.

What is the plural form of cover-up?

The plural form of the compound noun 'cover-up' is cover-ups.

How do you boil broccoli?

Cut up and add the broccoli to enough boiling water to cover, and boil 15 minutes or until the desired tenderness.

How does Cristiano Ronaldo tape his socks?

He cuts the feet feet off of them so he puts tape over the end to cover up the cut.

How do you get a duvet cover on a duvet?

The easiest way to get a duvet inside the cover is the following... Turn the duvet cover inside out....then put your arms inside and pinch the bottom corners with your fingers...then pick up the corners of the duvet or comforter and pinch all the corners together with your fingers.... pull the corners inside the duvet cover by pulling the duvet at the same time you are flipping the duvet cover over your arms and over the duvet!! You will have to tuck in the top corners of the duvet inside the duvet cover at the top...then button it up and you are done!

How do you make a snooker table cover?

The cover should be made up of a waterproof material, such as a flexible vinyl, and a fabric backing. There is no special effort required, just stitching the two materials together. The cover will look better if the corners are cut, mitered and stitched.

How do you hide a cut on your face?

It depends.Right now, I have a small cut on the left side of my forehead, and I am using my bangs to cover it up until it heals. No matter what, DO NOT PUT MAKE UP OVER THE WOUND! It can lead to infection, and it is a lot harder to cover up an infected wound.The best things to do are to put a band-aid over it and then, if you have any liquid foundation, put it over the band-aid and your face.

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