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Self mutilation is an act of intentionally inflicting non-lethal injury to oneself. To someone who suffers from a psychological disorder, it is a form of temporary relief. Some cultures permit it and consider it a part of their religious rituals.

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Why does cutting yourself feel so good?

Endorphins and a sense of release. It is a bit more complex but it does have to do with physical pain causing a change of brain chemistry. It also has to do (this from my experience) with having something tangible to focus on when there's something you can't change or stop. I had an abusive boyfriend and I would self harm when he yelled at me and it let me be calm while he freaked out because it gave me something...
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Is it illegal to suture your self?

Define "suture." Is it being used in a medical sense or in a 'body-mutilation ' sense? One might be an emergency medical procedure, whereas the other might bring into question ones state-of-mind and/or mental status which conceivably MIGHT somehow involve law enforcement and possibly 'emergency commitment for observation' procedures. ...
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How can you stop yourself from producing sperm without hurting yourself?

Sperm production is a normal body function. Sperm cells mix with seminal fluids and are released as semen when a male ejaculates (shoots), either from a nocturnal emission (wet dream), masturbation (jerking off), or during sexual intercourse. Sperm production can be interrupted if a guy chooses to have a vasectomy, but semen production or release can't be "disabled" except by refraining from activities that would result in ejaculation. ...
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Why do you cut your wrists when you have no reason too?

If there is no reason to do so then there is no 'why'. Some people cut their wrist to commit suicide. Far more, usually younger people, do so because they are mentally ill. Many people cut themselves because it causes the brain to release chemicals known as endorphins, which makes them feel happy. Eventually they can become addicted to this. Its never for no reason.Its either out of anger,frustration,self loathing,attention seeking issues,manic depression,borderline personality,or suicide.If you know someone whos doing this you should get them...
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What does cutting your wrist do to you?

It causes you to bleed and/or you could hit an artery which would kill you. In addition, if whatever you use is not clean, it's possible that you might get an infection. ...
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Does cutting your wrists with a razor blade scar?

well... it would if you pick at the scabs. i suggest getting some bio oil. put it on 2 a day morning and night. and maybe you sould see your doctor... hope i helped ...
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How do you treat wrist cutting cut from becoming?

Wrist cutting is a demonstration of cases of extreme stress and anxiety. Most people who cut their wrists are suffering emotional problems(hence the term "emo"). You should see your doctor to keep it from becoming serious. Your doctor probably knows whats best. a little side note: If you wrist cut, know that drugs wont make anything better. you may feel happier(for a couple minutes) but when your addiction sets in, it ain't so happy anymore. ...
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Why is cutting addictive?

Cutting may be addictive because you may be a masochist, or it may provide stress relief. You may suffer from Obsessive Compulsion Disorder, which will not help. Seek help immediately (from a psychiatrist, guidance counselor, ect.). ...
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Can cutting yourself become addictive?

Yes, it can, and almost always is. Cutting is usually triggered by something, so when that happens, you have a very strong urge to cut. (say your trigger was if you got in an argument with your significant other, then whenever you got into an argument you'd want to cur yourself) Mostly the reason people cut is because the chemicals that are flushed into your system when you get injured distract you from reality, like getting high, but those chemicals (mainly endorphins)...
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How do you feel high by cutting yourself?

adrenaline and the pain gets some ppl high!
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Is cutscratching yourself with your fingernails considered cutting yourself?

Maybe you wouldn't call it 'cutting' yourself due to the actual action but is is a form of Self Harm. Self harm can be anything from taking overdoses to hitting yourself. It also includes burning , cutting and many other things (although you may already know this!) Hope this helps? ...
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How do you get rid of self harm scars?

get over the counter scar healers. and massage the area ever day
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How do you help someone who is cutting and burning themselves?

dude, u should serioudly contact a doctor! this is a sign of bad depression. GET HELP BEFORE THE PERSON TURNS SUICIDAL ...
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Thesis statement for self-mutilation?

It could be a lot of things. Here is what I would say: Self-Mutilation is a rising issue in America. Three major issues about self-mutilation are that it is an addictive behaviour, scars are permanent, emotionally and physically, and it is a rising issue among teens. You may want to reword it some though. I'm only a 10th grader. Ha ha. ...
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What does it mean when someone is a cutter?

It mostly means they have feelings without adequate understanding of the cause of those feelings or what to do to acknowledge, feel, and respond in an appropriate way to them. They need help to learn how to accept themselves and their feelings and to be taught coping mechanisms to use to safely respond to those. It is an action of desperation that can become habitual obsessive and compulsive behavior. It is an empty solution to give temporary sensations of release through the...
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What do you call someone that cuts themselves?

Self mutilation is the medical term for the act. Terms used to refer to the person are "self-mutilator", "self-harmer," or "self-injurer". A slang term often heard is "cutter" or a person who "cuts". But the person should not be defined by the act. Those terms to refer to the person are used less often than the term to describe the act itself. It is a symptom of an underlying problem that is causing distress. ...
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What is the prognosis for self-mutilation?

.In general, teenagers without a history of abuse or other disorders have a good prognosis. Patients diagnosed with borderline personality disorder and/or a history of attempted suicide are considered to have the worst prognosis. ...
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Do People Start Cutting Themselves At Any Age?

Most people start in their early teens. Older people have usually found different ways to discharge the fear and anxiety that are the basis of cutting. ...
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How do you hide my self-harm scars?

Wear large bracelets, long sleeve t-shirts (but not in the summer! It gets too hot!) Wear knee high socks if you want to wear a skirt [for a girl] or wear long-ish socks (not too high or it'll look weird) for guys if you want to wear shorts. If people ask about the dress sense, say your going hockey or football. For girls, say you don't like your legs, works nearly every time! If someone says, "lets see them then, I...
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Can you get addicted to cutting?

yes, it can be addictive. Take it from an actual cutting addict. Being addicted to cutting yourself can be just as much as an addiction to smoking and drugs. Drugs release chemicals which make the body feel "good" when you cut, the body will release these endorphins which soothe the body and give you a feeling of euphoria and people become addicted to the feeling. ...
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How do you cut your self?

you but a sharp objects close to your skin and you push and slide. That is if you want to risk killing yourself. ...
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What happens when a person cuts themselves?

What happens when you cut yourself is that your either cutting your vein, or just your skin. either waymaking you bleed. either way, worst cut stay forever, the littlest ones might go away. people who might see them will look at you funny, ask you what happend, or report it. then, you'll go to a Mental Hospital. They are not fun trust me. im 15. ive been their twice. It helps take anger out, but it doesn't leave the hurt out....
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Is self-mutilation illegal?

In some ways yes. They can also take the person to the hospital and be on a 72 hour hold No, as far as I'm concerned - and millions of health care professionals! - it is not illegal. And i cannot understand the previous contributor's answer?! If it were illegal, people would be reffered to the authorities, not offered help!!! ...