Where can you donate a used mattress?


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try habitiat for humanity they may take the used mattress


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Why not ? Look for social assistance homes.

Yes, but there are strict laws governing the sale of a used mattress. A used mattress must be cleaned following specific procedures and must contain a label clearly identifying the mattress as a used mattress. See related links for the appropriate statutes. Minnesota is one of three states (California, Massachusetts, and Minnesota) leading the industry to encourage recycling of used mattresses. If you have a mattress you would like to donate to a recycling program, you can contact Goodwill Industries, Duluth, Minnesota at (218) 722-6351.

There are many ways to properly dispose of an old mattress. The best is to get rid of old mattress is to donate it to the needies at local charity centers

Mattress toppers are used as mattress covers. They are used to soften harder mattresses. Mattress toppers also have aesthetic appeal and can be used to revamp one's bedroom.

If the mattress and box spring are in good, clean condition--and not uncomfortable due to age and sagging--most refugee and other social agencies will accept them.

Yes you can sell a used mattress is Washington State as long as the owner knows that it was used. No Retailer's can sell a used mattress. Outlet stores can not sell a used mattress unless the buyer is told by the seller that it was used.

An air mattress is a mattress inflated with air, and used as a temporary or permanent bed.

Can used mattress be sold in south carolina

You can look around for used mattress buyers, there are many. You can get a nominal price for it.

Yes, a person can sell a used mattress in the state of Iowa. However, there are several laws that you must follow before selling the mattress.

A mattress is only the large pad or collection of springs used to sleep on. A mattress set includes the mattress as well as a box spring to be placed under the mattress to offer extra support and height.

No, but you can sell the sheets or whatever and toss a mattress in for free...

It IS illegal to sell a used mattress in Australia now, due to Health Regulations

Yes, it is possible to donate a used car. One could donate a used car from charity, or give it to someone for free. Donating a used car is usually free to do.

Donate A Car Canada @

yes, a used mattress can be sold in either retail stores (value villiage) or at a garage or yard sale :)

Try Goodwill. I think they have a truck outside of Lowe's on Charlotte by Westmeade Elem. and another at Hillsboro High by the baseball field. It's possible that Goodwill will not accept used mattresses and it might be better to take it to the dump or place a free ad on Craigslist. The mattress should be free of stains, cat hair and should not have deep dips.

It is not recommended to use an electric mattress pad on memory foam mattresses. The heat from the mattress pad can effect the overall feel of the mattress and ultimately do damage.

A double mattress is the other term used in reference to a full sized mattress or standard size mattress. It measures 54 inches wide and 75 inches long.

A bed or mattress pad is designed to lie atop an existing mattress. It is made primarily by foam and its function is to provide a layer of comfort and warmth between the user and the mattress.

Marriott uses a Jamison Supreme Resort Mattress. You can find it at Good Morning Mattress Center for $1399 Queen Size. can give them away with a bed but NOT sell just the mattress

This item is used with a vacuum cleaner. It helps to keep your mattress clean and keeps the mites away. Make sure your mattress stays new at all times.

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