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Where can you download iPod software?

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Go to and click iTunes, download the software

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Where can someone download Apple iPod software?

You can download software for the iPod from Apple on the Apple website for free. This software includes access to the iTunes store. You can download this software without owning an iPod.

How can you download your iPod to your blackberry phone?

You cannot download iPod software or an iPod application to your blackberry phone.

Why can't I download and install iTunes 10.1.1 into my iPod?

You do not install iTunes into your iPod. You have to use iTunes to download iPod software to get the iPod going.

Can you jail break your iPod touch on your iPod?

no you have to download software on youre computer.

Can you download apps with iTunes 9.0 on your ipod touch?

Yes, it doesn't matter what iTunes software you have, you can still download apps from it to download to the iPod Touch.

How can you download music onto your ipod without iTunes?

This ipod manage software can transfer the files from ipod to computer, ipod to iTunes, and iPod to iPod:

Free software to download to unlock iPod Touch?

you can download from a site callled Jailbreak

Where do you find a current ipod itouch software download?

What is the required software for the ipod touch?

You just need to download iTunes.

Can I Download the Ipod touch 3.0 software for free?

No, you cannot. You must pay the $9.99 to get the 3.0 software.

Where do you get the software for an iPod Nano? Connect your ipod to your computer. Launch iTunes. If you"re running the latest version, it will automatically check to see if your iPod is running the latest software. If it's not, click 'update' to download and install the latest iPod software.

What software do you have to download to your 1g ipod touch to download games from itunes?

you have to upgrade the iOS to 2.2 or above

How do you put 3.0 on iPod touch?

First, you need to go onto iTunes, buy, and then wait for it to download the software (the 3.0 software for the iPod touch is $9.99). Then, plug in your iPod Touch, and then just update the software via iTunes.

How do you download music from you ipod to your computer?

You can do it using a number of software applications out there, or you can do it simply using the ipod as an external drive

How do you download the new software onto your ipod touch?

If it is an update, connect your iPod to iTunes and it should tell you that there is an update, and you have the option to download, download and install, or cancel. If it is a whole new software (e.g., 3.0 to iOS4, etc.), then go to the Apple website, find the page with the new software, and then there should be a button to buy that software from iTunes.

How can you download the music from the ipod into iTunes?

If you search google, and download Sharepod or iDump you can transfer music from your iPod to your computer then onto iTunes. These are both free software.

How can you download songs onto the my touch?

get the software onto your computer for the ipod touch

Does iTunes software come for free when you buy an iPod?

The iTunes software does not come with the purchase of your iPod but is free for download unconditionally from the apple website. access link below:

How do you jail break an i pod?

You download the software cydia, which is the main jail breaking software. There are a bunch of steps in which you apply it to your iPod, but it can be very dangerous to your iPod, so be careful.

Why do you need to download iTunes before you can open your iPod?

The iTunes software provides an easy way to manage the contents of the iPod and keeps the iPod's software up to date.

You are having the 2.2.1 version ipod touch so can you download the new 3.1 version software?

You do not need to download the 2.2.1 software to get the 3.1 software. You just go to iTunes, search for 3.0 software, and buy the software for $9.99.

How do you download music to an iPod 30GB?

Apple's Itunes Music Software has a built in driver for recognizing and connecting your Ipod to your computer.

What is the first thing you do when you get a iPod touch?

You have to connect it to iTunes and plug it into your computer for software download.

How do you delete an iPod touch update?

It was a software update, and you can't just simply delete software. The software is what is running the iPod Touch, so you can't just delete the software. What you can do is just download the earlier version from iTunes and reinstall that version.

How can you download Kirby superstar to your iPod?

Sorry but without hacked or emulated software no Kirby or Nintendo games can be downloaded onto the iPod.