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live in Connecticut

where can i find Blassports

elastic waist jeans?

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Q: Where can you find Blassport elastic waist jeans?
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Where can one find elastic waist jeans?

One can find elastic waist jeans on Walmart, Target, Hanna Anderson, Osh Kosh, Crazy 8, Gymboree, Land's End, The Senior Shop, K-Mart and C.W.D. Kids.

Can you get cargo jeans in short sizes, or will that look odd?

You can find jeans in almost any length/waist combination online or you can purchase a set that you like and pay to have them tailored for your size.

What are the sizes of jeans for petite individuals?

Petite individuals will probably have to try on many pairs of jeans to find a good fit. They will probably have to have the legs hemmed or shortened after finding a pair that fits in the waist and hips.

Where can you find jeans that are cute and long enough because i have long legs but not too pricy?

tk-max have some gorgeous jeans that aren't pricey and they come in all different waist sizes and leg sizes so you will be able to find something.

How can i take in the waist of my jeans and still fit over my hips?

The easiest way, of course, is to use elastic on the back. That is, open up the waistband in the back, put in some elastic, sew to the sides, and close up the waistband. Another option is to lower the waistband on your jeans, specially if they are high waisted. Very often, this gives you a better fit. You might lose access to the front pockets if you do that, though. Assuming you do not want to do either of these, it is a lot more complicated, since you effectively will be taking apart the jeans on the sides and at the back and tapering the cut. If the jeans have pockets, depending on the amount of tapering, you might have to cut them down a bit as well. It might be best to look for jeans that fit well in the first place - yes, I know that means hours in a store trying on jeans, but once you find a couple of brands and styles, you are set.

How can you find extra-slim jeans for a boy who has long legs and a small waist?

In the UK British Home Stores sell teen jeans for skinny waists and long legs. Google British Home Stores Size Guide for sizes but they are in centimetres!

How to Find Women’s Jeans That Fit?

Jeans are such a comfortable item to wear, but they don’t always fit the way you would like. So finding a nice-fitting pair of jeans can be a hard task. But it isn’t impossible. Jeans that fit just the way you want are out there. To get proper fitting jeans, you need to know your measurements. You should have someone take your measurements for you to make certain that they are correct, such as a friend, family member, or even a salesclerk in the store where you are shopping for your jeans. You must first measure the waist. If you want jeans that fit at your natural waist, then that is where you will measure. But if you want jeans that sit lower on your hips, then you need to measure around the area of your body where the jeans will rest. The next measurement is your rise, which would be where your jeans fasten to the bottom of your crotch. After that, you will need to know your inseam, the measurement from your crotch down to the bottom of the leg. These measurements will enable you to get a pair of jeans that will fit you well. If you gain or lose weight, be certain to take your measurements again, as they will change. There are many styles available that you will be able to check out when you look for your pair of perfect-fitting jeans. You may want to choose a boot leg, a straight leg or a flare leg. Skinny jeans will have a tighter fit throughout the entire leg. And the waist of your jeans may come up to your natural waist or fall below your navel. Hip hugging jeans are great if you have a flat stomach, but if you have a bit of a tummy, you may want to get jeans that have a tummy control panel. Your jeans can also come in different colors. The classic blue denim is most popular, but you may also select jeans in black, which are great for a dressier look. Know your measurements, try on your jeans before you buy, and you will find that perfect fit.

What size jeans would you wear if i am 5'9 and you weigh 135?

It's basically impossible to tell. Get a tape measure and measure your waist, or just try on a few pairs and find out.

Where can I find information for the best type of jeans to buy for my son?

To find the best style and fit for jeans, you should take your son to kid's clothing stores and have him try on different styles. Stores such as Walmart, Old Navy and Target have a wide selection of different styles of jeans. You want to find a pair that is comfortable for your son and will last awhile. Purchasing jeans with an elastic waistband or adjustable waistband is a good idea as it provides more comfort and your child will not outgrow them as quickly.

Where can you find petite skiny jeans?

There are many online stores with petite skinny jeans. One of them is Delias, as you can find the jeans by inseam.

Who sells sportabout jeans?

I'm looking for them too. Sears and KMart sell a similar jean called Basic Edition. However I need 32 inch waist and they do not have that size anywhere that I can find.

I. have a bigger waist than most and .i need to find the best place to buy skinny jeans in a size 15 and is in a price range of 20 to 30 dollars?

jeez like if that will ever happen

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