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Where can you find a 1996 Land Rover Discovery fuse and relay diagram?

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The diagram for the fuse and relays are on the back side of the hinged dropdown panel located under the steering wheel. There are two quarter turn screws that hold the panel closed. The other fuse/relay diagram is under the fusebox cover in the engine compartment. There are other relays located under the inside rightside (passenger) kickpanel. I suggest you purchase a LR disc for your model and year. I bought mine on eBay for around $15. The books are not as good and sometimes speak of items related to British models and can be confusing.

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1996 Land Rover discovery fuse and relay diagram?

when you change the fues and relay switches and the truck dont start what to do next.

Where is horn relay on 1996 Land Rover discovery?

fuse box under bonnet

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at the front of the engine beneather the camshaft pulling

What transmission fluid does the 1996 Land Rover Discovery use?

ATF Dexron IID or Dexron III

Where is the MFU on a 1996 Land Rover discovery?

Beside the Fuse Box on the Left side of the Steering Column

What is the mpg for 1996 Land Rover?

It depends on what model of land rover, how it is driven, and on several other factors, but for the land rover discovery with automatic transmission it will probably be around 11-13mpg during normal driving.

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Hey man/girl, ask a macanic. Mabie that will help u.

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