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Q: Where can you find a Crescent Firearms shotgun with the Farwell Arms label?
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Who made test?

At least one company that made guns marked with the Tru Test label was Crescent firearms.

Who made tru-test guns?

At least one company that made guns marked with the Tru Test label was Crescent firearms.

Where is the manufacture label on a old shotgun ours say ttco?

I have no idea what you are asking. What do you mean by "manufacture label"?

What year was red label ruger 20 ga shotgun introduced?


Who made the 16 gauge Montgomery Ward side lock side-by-side double barrel shotgun serial 61551?

Firearms were made for Montgomery Ward by several makers. The serial number does not help, but any model numbers on the shotgun will. Most likely candidate is Stevens, but Savage and Mossberg also made guns marked with the Western Field label,

Found a single barrel shotgun with the name hsb co with a rooster and inside the rooster it says RUSO and the barrel only says patented August 12 1913 any info will help?

50-100 USD. HSB was a distributor for private label firearms made by many makers.

Value of used rugar red label over under shotgun?

100-500 or so

Shotgun Messiah released albums on which music record label?

Shotgun Messiah are a glam metal band who came from Sweden. They released their albums on the Relativity record label between 1985 and 1993. The band had several different members during their time together.

Would Crescent-Folsom have done private labeling of Savage-Stevens and Mossberg pump 22s in the 20's and 30's?

I'm not quite sure what you are asking, but there would be no connection between Crescent-Folsom and Mossberg. Crescent would not have made any guns for Savage-Stevens, but in 1932, the Stevens Division of Savage purchased Crescent from Folsom and continued to make many of the Crescent private-label guns.

What is the value of a western field 12 ga shotgun 1976 model never been fired?

Impossible to answer. There were several makes and models of 12 g shotgun sold by Montgomery Ward under their Westernfield label.

Who made a sears model 300 shotgun 12ga automatic?

The Sears M300 (also sold under the label Ted Williams) was manufactured by Winchester. The M300 is almost identical to the Winchester model 1400 shotgun (with minor cosmetic differences).

Did SA Marshall ever label their guns Marshall Arms Co?

it is July 29 2006 and my wife just bought a 12 gauge single barrel shotgun it is stamped Marshall Arms Co.Hardware/Catalog Store GunUndoubtedly a trade-name used by one of the many hardware/catalog stores from 1880-1940. Actual manufacturer might by Crescent, H&A, Stevens, Iver Johnson, etc.