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i do not posses the knowledge to answer this question

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Q: Where can you find a WWE replica belt Kids size in Uae?
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What is the difference between a commemorative belt and a replica belt?

A Commemorative belt is the same size as the original but its made of plastic. The Replica Belt is also the same size but its made of metal, so its more authentic.

Where can you find the Jordan Retro 11s in kids size?

You can find the Jordan Retro 11s in kids size at kids foots locker.

Where can you buy WWE kids size replica belts at the lowest price?

Dick's SPorting Goods and/or some Wal Marts

Where can you find a life-size metal replica of the Kingdom Key?

Ebay, it has a whole bunch of keyblades even riku's and kairi's.

What is a size 7 kids in mens?

Size 7 kids is size 7 kids - there's no men's version of it... that's why it's called "kids." I guess the closest thing you'd find is a men's extra small.

What size belt is a 3 size jeans?

I wear the same size pants and my size belt was a "medium" =)

What is the inches of a size 16 belt size?

the belt length is 98 cm

What size belt do you need if your waist is 36?

what size belt do you need if waist is 36

What is a woman's size ten equal to in kid size?

In order for you to find out the size of a size ten women's shoe converted to a big kids is to subtract two inches from the women's size. This will give you a size eight in kids. Both feet if measured will measure the same.

Belt size yardman 13AI69AH118?

Which belt? There are thre of them.

Do replica nfl helmets fit?

They do sell full size replicas.

Where can you find out what size your fan belt is on a 90 astro awd with single belt?

the eng.size,is there a smog there air con.tell auto parts store this information

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