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Hello, Well in the wild there are a couple of places normally in brackish waters of Australia up Queensland way and new south Wales and also i think up the top of Victoria too. In captivity you can purchse them for a few different aquariums and pet stores around Australia. If u are after purchasing more than one u might be able to get them from a company called Aquarium Industries and that company is based in Melbourne. They do shipping and stuff like that so that might be ur best bet. Hope this helps :oD


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There are no perfect rhymes for the word barramundi.

Most barramundi start out as males for several mating seasons and then transform into females.

Barramundi are indeed native to the waters of northern Australia. They are also found throughout southeast Asia.

Barramundi fingerlings are all born the same gender. They are 1 inch long.

Yes, in fact the name Barramundi is a name given by the Australian Aboriginals meaning large scaled river fish.

Yes. But make sure it really is barramundi. Back in the early '80s The Age found that more barramundi was sold in Victoria alone than was caught in Queensland. In other words, much of of what is sold as "barramundi" is something else. Often it's trevally, which is also kosher, though much cheaper; if you have been sold trevally instead of barramundi you've been ripped off, but at least your soul is safe. But you shouldn't rely on that. Make sure to buy fish with skin attached, so you can recognise the species.

As far as i know, they eat prawns :-) x

A barramundi is a fish. Specifically it is an Asian type of sea bass. They are located in the Persian Gulf, through Southeast Asia, Papua New Guinea and Northern Australia.

The Cook and the Chef - 2006 Raspberries and Barramundi 3-1 is rated/received certificates of: Australia:G

Silver with shades of grey and a big bump on its head

Vinson Weishui Xin is very sure now that Barramundi is a Perch, part of the Perch family. Vinson also made this question and answered it back soon after he Google Searched it!!

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I dont know the actual answer to this question... I think it is a NO

All young Barramundi are the same sex (male). In some fish the males will become female as they mature but many of the young males will fertilise at least one spawining before changing into females.

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Australis Barramundi averages $7.99 - $8.99 for a 12oz. retail bag, or about $4.00 - $4.50 per portion. You can also find it in the fresh seafood counter in select supermarkets for about the same price, as well as at restaurants around the country (various pricing).For more information and locations, visit the Australis website: www.TheBetterFish.comThanks,Carol DevineVP. CommunicationsAustralis Aquaculture

not like how we say eg boy or girl they call it imhomo

its a organism that is kept in a man made environment. Organisms such a redclaw crayfish, oysters and barramundi.

A Baramundi will grow to around 1 metre long in a couple of years given proper food and conditions so it does not belong in a tank with other tropical fish. In about 16 weeks from hatching the Barramundi will have grown big enough and will eat the Betta.

A barramunda is an Australian species of fish, Latin name Neoceratodus forsteri, commonly known as the Queensland lungfish.

Some vertebrate fishes are: -goldfish -barramundi -murray cod -bream -flathead

In order to rear Barramundi successfully you will need to duplicate tropical tidal river conditions. So I'd start off with brackish water, temp around 21C. The pH would have to be 7+

Yes. Any fish that has both fins and easily removed scales is considered kosher. However, be careful that what you are being sold really is barramundi and not some cheaper fish that might not be kosher (though if you are ripped off chances are good that it's trevally, which is also kosher).

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