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AnswerGet a chiltons manual for your car (found at any auto parts store & some gas stations), look in the belts and hoses section or the index, there will be a diagram that will show you how to properly install the belt.

Chilton manuals are not the right manual to get!! Your better off with a workshop manual instead. cost about double the price as a Chilton but it will give you the correct information about the car. BEWARE:CHILTON MANUALS SUCK!! wrong information is given in their book which will cause allot of stress!!

Update: There should be a diagram on a sticker underneath the hood.

Unfortunately neither Chilton's nor Has makes a manual for a Lincoln LS. No company makes a book for it. The one that the auto parts stores tell you their computer calls for is for a Town Car which is no relation to the LS.

The LS has a Jaguar Engine and Transmission (3.9L V8 Jaguar), maybe you can find something related to the LS from a Jaguar book, but it won't be completely specific. has a diagram if you click on the Gates belt "info" button. There is a tool available to assist in rotating auto belt tensioner and costs about 20 bucks. May be worth the investment unless you like bloody knuckles. Gonna change mine soon and will update if I have more to add.

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Q: Where can you find a belt diagram for a Lincoln LS?
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