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I just went on a leave of absence from my auto parts job; the best thing to do is to go, this is the number one supplier of filters for cars, trucks, and heavy duty. new answer any place place that sells filters, has books to cross reference if you have the number off your old filter

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โˆ™ 2006-11-06 22:20:16
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Q: Where can you find a cross reference for oil filters for tractors?
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Is there a way to cross reference OEM generator oil filter numbers with Fram or Wix oil filters?

Yes, you can cross reference the filters. Most auto-parts stores will have the cross reference guide. You can also find a cross reference guide on the auto-parts stores website.

Where can you find a cross reference chart for oil filters?

Here is one online

What is the cross reference oil filter?

It's just a chart that you will find at most parts stores, that shows you a cross reference, of different brand name filters for that specific car

What is the purolator cross reference for a Kholer oil filter 229678?

I cannot find the cross reference for this filter. Are you sure this is the correct part number? Go to any auto parts store that sells Purolator filters and they will cross reference it for you.

Where can you find an oil filter cross reference size chart?

Go to Baldwin filters and enter data requested

Where can one find information on oil filter cross reference?

There are many places where one can find information on oil filter cross reference. You can try visiting blogs and forums or alternatively websites such as KN Filters and AM Soil.

Where can I find an onan Oil filter cross reference guide?

There are several places you can find a cross reference guide for Onan oil filters. Most auto parts stores will have reference guides. Many department stores like Walmart, Sears or Target will also have them.

Is there an oil filter cross reference for a Generac 0G3332 air filter?

I cannot find a cross reference on a Purolator, Amsoil, or Fram filter for this number filter. I suggest you write down the Generac filter model # and go to your local auto parts store. They will be able to cross reference it to the filters they sell.

What is the caterpiller oil filter cross reference for fram PH3786 or for a Ford 7.3 liter diesel engine?

The WIX Number is 51734The Donaldson Number is P550371The Cat filters I find do not cross reference to a Filter the fits the threads of the 7.3L engine.

How do you find out with fram oil filter your car uses?

Fram should have a cross reference on their website. Also, FRAM filters are garbage. Stick with a WIX or Purolator.

Where can you find the cross-reference for a 3213308019?


What oil filters can you substitute for the kohler 12 050 01 S oil filter?

I can find no cross reference for the number you listed. Check and make sure you have the correct model #.

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