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at the side of the restaraunt

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You can find used booths at ACityDiscount Restaurant .

You can get used furniture for your restaurant at an online store called "Restaurant Solutions Inc." They also sell discounted new restaurant equipment too. Their website is

There are many great resources where you can find used restaurant furniture. Resellers and craigslist are great resources.

you can find them probably at a restaurant and supply store; you can also try places that sell used vehicels and sell commercial restaurant equpiment.

You can find restaurant booths by visiting www.seating or visiting They offer low prices. They also have a wide variety to choose from.

You can find in,,, and a lot of large department store, also, find it on craiglist or used ones

Salvage yards or restaurant supply stores.

Because of the size of your area, you have a number to choose from and can afford to be a bit picky about price. In general, one of the best deals you can find is going to be at Jean's Restaurant Supply.

One of the best places to find used restaurant equipment is on or

It would be a good idea to inquire about used restaurant equipment as, when you are first starting a restaurant, you wont have that much money. Investing in used restaurant equipment will save you money which you can spend on food products and employers.

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Wendy's claims it used the first modern-day drive-thru window in 1971. This was at their 2nd restaurant in Columbus, Ohio. They also were the first to introduce the fast-food salad bar in 1979. Although the drive-through was a success, the salad bar was too difficult to maintain and was discontinued in 1998.

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Truck Stop is capitalized when used as a name of a restaurant.

No, it is a noun (a place that sells and/or serves food). It can, however, be used as a noun adjunct in terms such as restaurant inspector or restaurant menus.

Yes, normally the word window is a concrete noun, something that you can see and touch. When it's used in the context of a 'window into the soul' or 'window into the future', it's used as an abstract noun.

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Commercial grade restaurant equipment is widely available through restaurant supply vendors. You may also find that online sources such as Kijiji, Ebay or Craig's List are an excellent source for this kind of product, particularly if you are willing to purchase a used espresso machine. and eBay are both good resources for restaurant equip and furniture.

Open a command prompt window then type in ipconfig/all Then there should be your dns server.

Going online. has a shipping warehouse in San Diego and they sell used restaurant booths, so you could ask them if you could pick them up from the warehouse. You can also venture out to other restaurants who are renovating or craigslist or similar sites for something similar. Unfortunately there isn't a specialty used restaurant equipment store but those were the closest I could find.

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