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Look in the yellow pages for gunsmiths. If he can't find it, he should be able to make one.

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Q: Where can you find a firing pin for a Wards Western Field single shot 16 gauge?
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How do you tell the age of a wards western field?

The model number of your Wards Western Field.

Will a firing pin from a Stevens 94c fit a wards western field model sb94 tb 410?


Who made the 22 caliber Wards Western Field Model 31A rifle and where can you get a firing pin?

It was made by Mossberg. We have new firing pins.

Any info on wards western field model 25XNH-10N?

If yours is a single shot .22, it was made for Montgomery Wards by Noble- and it is a Noble Model 10.

When was wards western field no41 manufactured?

A Wards Western Field Model 41 is a 22-caliber rifle. It was actually manufactured by Mossberg, but intended for Wards. Manufacturing took place primarily from 1935 to 1939.

Who made the western field 6 sided tent?

Montgomery Wards made the Western Field tents.

Who manufactured wards western field model 368?

Savage Fire Arms Company for Montgomery Wards

Who made wards western field model 33?

Your model 33 Western Field was made by Nobel Arms. My records state that a Model 33 Wards was made by Marlin as a model 336.

What was the price of a wards western field model 80 in 1936?


Who made the wards western field 22S 14M 495B?


Who made the wards western field xnh-ion22cal?

If your rifle is a single shot bolt action, I believe that was made by Noble as their Model 10.

What is the value of a 1930's wards western field model 36D 22 calibur bolt action single shot rifle?


W at is the value and age of a western Field SB-100A 410?

i have a wards western field m #30 - sbv5662a

What is your western field 22 m815 worth?

Your rifle was made for Montgomery Wards(western field) by Mossberg.The Mossberg model 320 is the same rifle.these single shot .22cal rifles are worth between 55-110 dollars.

Wards western field 22 pistol Where can you get a new grip?

A new Wards Western field 22 pistol grip can be purchased through a gun broker. The grip can also be purchased at a local gun show.

What is the manufacturing date of your wards western field 24m 488a 22 long rifle patpending?

Your Western field model 24m-488a was made by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards(Western field).The Mossberg model 51 is the same firearm.The Mossberg model 51 was made in 1939.

When was the Western Field Montgomery Ward M55ocd shotgun made and what is its value?

The Western Field model 550C was manufactured by Mossberg for Montgomery Wards.

What is the value of a Wards Western Field No 43 22 Bolt Action rifle and when was it made?


How much is a Wards Western Field 20 gauge single shot worth?

Those single-shots in really good shape usually retail between $50-$100.

When was the Wards Western Field 14M-499A made?

Late 1930s

What years was the wards western field 93m-496a made?


What is the value of a Wards Western Field 12 gauge shotgun model SB30A?

The Western Field SB30A is a version of the Savage Model 520 as made for Montgomery Wards. In typical used condition, about $150.

What is the cross number for a Wards Western Field 48A 22 S-L?

Western Field 48A was made for Montgomery Wards by Mossberg. The model 48A is a Mossberg 45B .22 caliber Long Rifle

What is the value of wards western field model 10 - SD247A?

The value of Wards Western Field model 10 would actually depend on a number of factors. The most important of these factors would be the condition.

Who manufactured the 22 caliber Wards Western Field Model 62 and where can you get parts?

The Wards Westernfield Model 62 .22 single shot rifle is a Stevens Model 83. Parts can be located @ Numrich Arms Corp. (