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Online, for My 1997 Jimmy, I have only been able to find things by specific repair. Sometimes helpful, sometimes not. Often information is contradictory. I have been able to fix most things that way.

On a budget, the next best source for repair manuals is your local library! Mine has Chilton, Haynes and Motors for almost all years and makes of domestic and foreign cars.

Unless you have a Bugatti Veyron or Aston Martin Vanquish.....but then I guess you wouldn't be on a budget.


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A repair manual for the 1998 Buick Park Avenue would have a brakes repair diagram. A popular book is the Haynes Repair Manual.

You sill havn't answered my question. where can you find a 1998 serria repair book manual?

You can get the repair manual for Mercedes Benz a160 Avantgarde 1998 at the local mechanic shops.

fuel systemfor 1998 chevy malibu

local autoparts store. its under 20 bucks

Do you have the right tools for the job? Purchase the repair manual or alldata.

Buy thre Haynes repair manual for $19.99!!

Get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM and it will help on the next repair.

check your local autoparts for a Chilton's or Haynes repair manual.

Check your local library for a repair manual.

Haynes Repair Manual #25015 by at Canadian tire..

From the Haynes Acura Integra Repair Manual, 156 in-lbs.

Buy the Hayes Repair manual and it details the procedure

Check on ebay or check with your local auto parts stores.

Auto Repair BooksThis first list includes just a small selection of the many service manuals published by Chilton Book Company: Auto Service Manual, 1998-2002Chilton's Auto Repair Manual, 1998-2002Chilton's General Motors-Full-Size Trucks 1988-98 Repair ManualChilton's Import Car Repair Manual 1993-97Chilton's Suv Repair Manual, 1998-2002Chilton's Truck and Van Repair Manual, 1998-2002The following list includes books about basic maintenance and upkeep:"Auto Upkeep: Basic Car Care" by Michael E. Gray"Auto Repair for Dummies" by Deanna Sclar"The Everything Car Care Book: How to Maintain Your Car and Keep It Running Smoothly" by Mike Florence, et al"Car Smarts: An Easy-To-Use Guide to Understanding Your Car and Communicating With Your Mechanic" by Mary Jackson"How Cars Work" by Tom Newton

You can buy a new, book (paper) version directly from the Toyota website, but they are expensive. I don't know why they don't sell cheap electronic versions (are they really focused on profits from repair manuals??). I bought my repair manual used on eBay for a big discount over new so do some searching. Finally, its totally unauthorized, but if you really search, you can find an electroinc (PDF) version of the echo/yaris repair manual floating around for free on the internet. I believe its technically the 1998 Yaris manual, but its pretty much identical to the 2000-2002 Echo manual although its missing some portions of the real manual.

2.2L OHV or a 2.4L DOHC engine..... anyway,,,,, get a repair manual or go to click repair info.

General Vehicle Information > Description and Operation > Technical ABC. Vauxhall Vectra B Workshop Manual.

Manual chokes stopped being used long before 1998. Chevrolet started using fuel injection on their trucks in the mid-80s. Manual chokes would've died out with carburetors.

A 1998 Nissan Frontier engine diagram is available through a service repair manual. Auto repair shops also have data bases that have these engine diagrams available to be printed out for their consumers.

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