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There was no 2.8 Liter V6 installed in a 2001 Chevy S10. I posted a link of firing orders that year.

Where can I find a wiring diagram for a Ford 1991 F250 pickup with 5.8 liter V8 and automatic transmission with overdrive?

looking for diagram of 5.3 liter v8 engine Chevy silverado truck transmission and torque converter?

wiring diagram can be found in a haines or chilton 1984 ford pickup shop manuel.these books cost about 15 bucks to buy

You can find in engine diagram, for your 2.8 liter Chevrolet engine, at most Chevrolet dealerships. The engine diagram can also be found at most auto-parts stores.

You will have to remove starter, It is behind the starter in the block.

A 6.o liter in a Chevy pickup should be 6 quarts

The 350 cubic inch (5.7 liter) pickup engine was factory-rated at 200 horsepower in 1994.

the library should have a shop manual for this vehicle :)

i need to know how to change an automatic transmission mount on a 2000 chevrolet

5 quarts if you have a 305 or 350 engine. 6 quarts if you have a newer style 4.8 liter, 5.3 liter, or 6.0 liter v8 engine.

The 1999 Chevy Lumina 3.1 liter engine crankshaft position sensor is located on the back of the crankshaft. A diagram can be obtained from most Chevrolet dealerships.

The wiring diagram from the distributor cap to the spark plugs for firing order for a 93 Chevy Caprice 5.7 liter engine is found at Wiring4cars. You can search the site by vehicle year, make, and model.

No, only gasoline engines in 1993; 4.3 liter, 5.0, 5.7, and 7.4 (454).

the starter is located on the passenger side of the engine beneath the exhaust manifold.

a 3/4 ton Chevy pickup with a 350 gets 15mpgs, at best, 8-10 worst

Standing in the front of the engine, It will be on the bottom right corner of the radiator. Towards the engine.

I have over 240K on my 98 S10 2.2. It's all about care and regular maintenance.

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