Where can you find a fuel pump relay switch on a ford bronco 2?


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It's in the engine compartment, mounted on the passenger side inner fender-and it's the highest relay of the 2 to several similar-looking relays in that area, (if the original component layout has not been altered).

I don't know if it was there from the beginning of the model run, but I do know that it's there between 1985 and 1987 because I've owned and worked on those years. There seems to also be some confusion as to what the "boxy thing" is that's on the inner passenger side fender-again I don't know what model year that was first used or if it stayed until the end of the model run but Ford would have been foolish to drop it. I assume that both have been there on the Rangers for at least as many years.

That being said, from at least 1985-1987 there's a black plastic cover (approximately a foot long) that clips into place and is secured with a single fastener. That cover is a bit back from the air cleaner housing in the engine compartment, and it comes up to the top lip of the fender. That cover isn't called the "FUSE BOX" by most people I KNOW as there are no actual fuses there on those I've owned and worked on. I presume the cover is intended primarily to keep water from splashing onto the multiple relays, FUSIBLE LINKS, and assorted engine controls that are located there, and to also keep them relatively clean from the normal accumulation of engine-related oil/gunk and splashed-up road dirt. It's nice when you pressure wash the engine to not have to worry about wetting that area. Some vehicles I've seen still have the less-substantial plastic shield on the opposite side of the engine compartment that was there to serve a similar purpose.

It's possible that Ford made a fuse PANEL location change after that date, but knowing their long standing corporate mindset for avoiding making unnecessary changes other than styling-related ones to established models whenever possible, I seriously doubt if they moved the actual fuse PANEL later in the model run as it would have been necessary to make major changes in the wiring harnesses, the routing, moving connectors, reworking some underdash supports, etc. to accomodate the fuse panel's relocation to there from it's previous location in front of the driver's left knee.

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