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I do not have the exact URL for the page, but I know I have seen them posted on

allpar dot com (huge site, nothing but Dodge/Chrysler vehicles,repairs,info, etc. with a specific section on minivans.

You might already know this , but I post it anyway. To see the codes displayed, You insert key, turn on to accessories (not start engine), turn off, turn on, turn off, then turn to on again and left it in that position.

In a few seconds, you will see a cycle of "blinks" begin on the dash display, (left side of steering column in my 90' Grand Caravan). The code format is displayed in pairs.

Example: one blink, short pause, three blinks = Code 13

longer pause

Example: two blinks, short pause, five blinks = Code 25

End of cycle is always displayed last as five blinks, short pause, five blinks

I guess this code display is on many cars other that Chrysler/Dodge (Fords)

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Q: Where can you find a list of Dodge Caravan engine codes?
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order one from dealer or autozone

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lookup you can find help there. look under repair info.

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in a shop

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