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Why don't you try the ASPCA/SPCA? They sometimes get small rodents like this who need homes. Or you could look in your local paper. BETTER YET: Contact Karen at This Little Piggy and Me, guinea pig rescue in Forest Park, Ohio (website below). But beware, they will not release piggies to any pet stores or for testing or to feed to other animals. You must fill out a questionnaire and sign a contract--just like an SPCA adoption. But if you want a great friend (or two) their piggies are healthy and happy!

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Can you get Rottweilers in India?

Yes, there are some very good breeders of Rottweilers in India. Type Rottweilers in India, into your search engine and you will find a list of breeders.

Where can you find a list of pot bellied pig breeders?

North American Potbellied Pig Association

Where are good breeders in Illinois?

American Kennel Club. has a list of breeds and breeders.

Where are some guinea pig breeders located in mobile Alabama?

You can get 1 at a humane Society a petstore lik PetSmart or Petco I dont think there is a GuineaPig breeder in Alabama I am not sure you can go online and see though

Where can one find English Bulldog puppies for adoption in Florida?

The best way to find English bulldog puppies for adoption in Florida would be through breeders in that state. Check out sites that list breeders and also the classifieds section of Florida papers.

Who sells rabbits?

Go to the ARBA (American Rabbit Breeders Association) Website, they will have a list of rabbit breeders near you.

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I actually raise Yorkies or you can go through AKC or APRI for a list of breeders in your area.

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Do not feed your guinea pig nuts. It is one of the things on this list not to feed your guinea pig. See related link below for a list of what guinea pigs can and cannot eat.

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You won't typically find them in a hypoallergenic list, but many breeders and rescue groups have stated they are. It's not so much the shedding, but the dander.

Where can you get an Australian sheperd puppy for free in Anderson?

Google search it and there should be a list of breeders.

How can you obtain a list of great dane breeders in Madison ws in 1925?

If it was a registered breeder, the AKC might have a list, or a least an idea where to start.

Where can you buy a holland lop rabbit in Houston?

Contact The ARBA at for a list of breeders in Houston.

Where can one buy Newfoundland puppies?

It is possible to find Newfoundland puppies at a local shelter, but if you have your heart set on this particular breed, your best bet is to find a local breeder. Sites that list local breeders include Adopt a Pet and Puppy Find.

Where are some places that Chiweenie puppies are sold?

To find places that Chiweenie puppies are sold check with your local vetinarian for a list of local breeders or try Craigslist or kijiji and your local newspapers.

List countries ending in ea?

Eritrea, Guinea

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You will find it very hard to find one. You will have to ask who the breeders in your area are. You do that by finding out the who the president of the local chapter of AKC is. Then start saving your money. It will be very expensive and you may have to be on a waiting list for up to 3 years.

Where could one buy teacup poodles?

You can buy teacup poodles from local breeders and shelters. To find this list, you could check newspaper daily ads or use a website called Pet Finder.

Where do you get good mini lop rabbits? Contact the ARBA for a list of reputable breeders.

How do you post your position on the breeding list on howrse?

Click ranking, click breeders, then click "see my position in ranking".

Hungarian Wirehaired Vizslas where can you find them?

go to to buy vizslas they are out of Maine Check with the parent club (wirehaired vizsla club of America) at for a breeder referral list of reputable breeders.

Is ciprofloxacin dangerous to a guinea pig?

according to experts, ciprofloxacin and enrofloxacin are on the list of "safe" antibiotics, so they do not harm the guinea pig.

List of small rodents?

Vole ,Muskrat ,Guinea Pig ,Hamster ,

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