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Where can you find a loggerhead?

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Where can I find more information about the loggerhead sea turtle known by its scientific name as 'caretta caretta'?

One can find interesting information about the loggerhead sea turtle by consulting the Office of Protected Resources where a complete page is dedicated to this animal.

Is crush of nemo a loggerhead?

Yes it's a Loggerhead Sea Turtle

What is The group Name For Loggerhead Turtles?

the group name of a loggerhead turtle is a clutch

What is a loggerhead turtle?

A loggerhead turtle is an organism that lives in the neritic portion of the ocean

When was Loggerhead musk turtle created?

Loggerhead musk turtle was created in 1857.

When was Loggerhead sea turtle created?

Loggerhead sea turtle was created in 1758.

What are the loggerhead sea turtle body parts?

what are the loggerhead sea turtles body markings

What biome does the loggerhead sea turtle live in?

Loggerhead turtles inhabit the marine biome.

What would happen if loggerhead turtles became extinct?

There would be no more loggerhead turtles

When do female loggerhead turtlesfirst mate?

Loggerhead mating season is from the end of March to early June.

How old do Loggerhead sea turtles get?

Loggerhead Sea turtles can get to about 50 to 165 years old!

What size is a loggerhead sea turtle?

Loggerhead sea turtles are usually 73-107 cm

Does a loggerhead sea turtle have a vertebrate?

yes it does. loggerhead sea turtles are reptiles which are classified as vertebrates.

What is the size of the Loggerhead Sea Turtle?

Loggerhead sea turtles are usually 73-107 cm

How long can loggerhead sea turtles live?

Someone please tell me how long can loggerhead sea turtles live? I can't find it anywhere!!! Thanks, czhorses 150yrs. got it off nemo <3 hope i could help :)

Where can loggerhead turtles be seen?

The Loggerhead sea turtle can be found in the Atlantic, Pacific, and Indian Oceans. The loggerhead mostly stays in the water, females come out of the water briefly to lay eggs.

How does the loggerhead sea turtle protect themselfs?

Loggerhead sea turtles protect themselves by biting their predator.

How many teeth does a loggerhead turtle have?

Loggerhead turtles - as all turtles - don't have teeth. They have a beak instead.

What is the current status of the loggerhead sea turtle?

What is the population of the loggerhead sea turtles berfore they became an endangered species

Green leatherback and loggerhead are type of dog or crocodile or turtle?

Green, leatherback and loggerhead are all kinds of turtles.

Are loggerhead turtles secondary consumers?

Loggerhead turtles most likely are secondary as the sharks are the apex predators. Hope this helps :)

What kinds of animals eat loggerhead sea turtles?

sharks ,great white sharks and tiger sharks eat loggerhead.

Where loggerhead sea turtle found?

Loggerhead sea turtles are found in Australia and the states they are really hard to catch and sea

Is the loggerhead turtle endangered?


Loggerhead and snapping are types of what?