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Where can you find a lumineon?

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As far as i know you have to evolve it from a Finneon i think it evolves at level 31 and you might be able to catch it with a super rod you can catch a Finneon with a great rod.

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Where can you find a lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

you can find a lumineon in the river close to floaroma town if you be patient

Where can you find a Lumineon in Pokemon Vortex?

you cant. Lumineon is a 4th generation pokemon.

Where do you find a lumineon?

find one at!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LOL-_-

Where do you find the Pokemon lumineon?

Lumineon can be found in the same Routes that its' pre-evolved form Finneon appears in. In Pokemon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum using the Super Rod is enough to find a Lumineon. In Pokemon Black and White or Black2 and White2 you can find Lumineon by fishing in the dark rippling water spots that sometimes appear. Alternatively you can level up a Finneon to 31 to evolve it into Lumineon.

Where do you find the first stage of Lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

The first stage of Lumineon is Finneon, and you can find it by using a good rod almost anywhere.

Where do you find Pokemon number 135?


Does lumineon evolve?

No, Lumineon does not evolve.

Where to find lumineon in Pokemon pearl?

fish at Iron Island

Where to get lummeon?

You can find Lumineon on route 221, if you have a super rod.

How can you get a lumineon on Pokemon pearl?

how could you find 31 rare candys

Where can you find Lumineon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl?

catch a finneon and evolve it.

Where to find a lumineon on Pokemon platinum?

you have to evolve FINEON to lv thirty

Where do you find a Lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

to get a lumineon, catch a finneon lv.16-19 in valley windy works using a good rod and evolve it on lv.31

What type of Pokemon is Lumineon?

Lumineon is a Water type pokemon.

Are there any trainers in Pokemon Diamond that have Lumineon?

There is no Lumineon in diamond

Can you find lumineon in Pokemon diamond with a good rod?

No. It is only with the super rod.

Where can you find a trainer that has lumineon?

The first trainer North of Sunny Shore City.

Which trainer has finneon on diamond?

You can find a Finneon at stark Mt. To find a trainer with a Lumineon go to Sunyshore city, and the first trainer you see will have a lumineon at Lv. 38 or so.the 2nd and 3rd fishermen on route 222 have finneon

How do you get lumineon Pokemon Diamond?

You get a LUMINEON at level 32 on Pokemon Diamond.

Which trainer has lumineon in Pokemon diamond?

There's a trainer on route 223 that has a lumineon, and you'll have to surf across the route to get to ther trainer which has the lumineon.

Where do you find a lumineon on Pokemon pearl?

just level up finneon to Lv.33

What is a Pokemon lumineon?

it evolves from finneon you can find it in the front of iron island with a super rod.

How do you find Lumineon in Pokemon Platinum?

You fish I think the right around Sunnyshore City.

Is lumineon a legendary in Pokemon Vortex?

Umar yes it is legendary, But it is very rare to find

Where can you find Lumineon in Pokemon Diamond and Pearl without using a Super Rod?

you need seven badges. go to sunnyshore city and go to the north of the city. there you will find a girl. talk to her and then go to the water and use surf. there u the first person you see is a woman going left and right battle her. she has lumineon. btw her lumineon is on lvl. 43