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The Marlin Glenfield model 20 is the same basic gun as a Marlin model 780. Contact Marlin direct at: Marlin Services P.O. Box 248 North Haven, CT 06473 They will send you a free manual for the 780. Or you can call them toll free at: 1 (800) 544-8892 I am not aware of any web sites that offer this manual as a download. For free downloadable manuals of a lot of other firearms try here: Regards, Rob

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Q: Where can you find a manual preferably online in pdf format for a Marlin Glenfield Model 20?
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Where can you find an owner's manual preferably online in pdf format for a Marlin-Glenfield Model 30A?

Visit the Marlin website. They may have the owner's manual available for download. If not, they will supply you a paper copy, typically free of charge.

Need a manual for a marlin glenfield mod 30a?

Contact the company for a free manual . It can be downloaded

How do you break down a Glenfield Marlin 30A for cleaning?

Same as a 336 Marlin. Call Marlin at (203) 239-5621 and they will send you a free manual.

Where can you find an owners manual for a Glenfield mod 20 22 cal?

Try the Marlin web site or eBay. Try the Marlin web site or eBay.

Are the cleaning instructions available on line for a Glenfield 60 rifle made in 1980?

Go to and request an owners manual for the marlin glenfield model 60. They have changed little since 1980.

Where can you find an assembly manual for a Glenfield model 60?

Look for a manual for a Marlin 60. may sell them. Updated Answer - You can also download a free manual on the Marlin web site for the model 60 - it is the same firearm.

Where can you find assembly diagrams for a Marlin model 99?

Visit the Numrich Marlin/Glenfield page. Or the Marlin home page to download the PDF version of the Model 60 manual. These two rifles are very similar in design. Marlin downloads.

Instruction manual for a Marlin Model 60?

The Marlin Model 60 manual may be dowloaded from Marlin's website.

What year was a 22 sllr glenfield marlin model 25 serial 27393646 bolt action made and where can you get a owns manual?

The Marlin Mod 25 production started around 1966 and is still sold as the 925. For the exact year of production of your firearm you will have to locate dedicated Marlin collectors. Manuals are available by download from Marlin's website: If you want an original, try eBay.

Where do you get a free manual on a Marlin 22 Rifle LR model 75semi automatic?

Try contacting Marlin.

Marlin guide gun armorers manual?

Marlin probably has one and most likely won't sell it to you.

What is the maximum speed of the amc marlin coupe manual 6cyl 155hp 1965?

The maximum speed of the 1965 AMC Marlin coupe manual 6cyl 155hp is 110 mph.

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