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Where can you find a owners manuel for a 1998 civic lx?


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how many gallons of gas will a 1998 honda civic hold


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go on you gone a find for sure somebody that have the shop manuel (pdf)our a link for free manuel shop (hope you find it there)

get out the owners manuel and read it. in the manuel you will find instructions how to disable the alarm

owners manual.....sometimes under the hood.

You can request one from Remington for free at their web site.

I have a 1993 manuel Chevrolet pickup truck 4x4 that need transmission fluid and the dealership won't sell it to me unless I have an owners manuel telling which one it takes. I do not have an owners manuel. How do I find out which type it takes? Jill

if the picture is not on the cover and you dont have the owners manuel go to autozone or oriely and buy a haynes manuel it will be in there

Possibly in your local appliance parts store. -Or online.

Check your owners Manuel, If it has the towing package with the class3 hitch its 5,000lbs.

They were in production for a while... Ill check with GM or go to Ebay...

See this link for the owners manual.

One can find details on a 1998 Honda Civic in a plethora of places. Online, magazines, newspaper ads, etc. Ask friends of family. Kelly Blue Book. Many different avenues.

You can view the owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides

you should be able to find a diagram in the owners manuel, or on the fuse cover.

Diagrams for a 1998 Honda Civic can be found through auto parts stores. Service repair manuals also contain diagrams of the vehicle such as electrical, body, and mechanical.

If you have an owners manual it will be in there. If not you will probably need to find a PDF of the manual online.

You can view the 1999 Ford E-150 owners manual online at : www . motorcraft service . com ( no spaces ) Click on Owner Guides

Look in your owners manual as the previous owner may have written the 5 digit code down. Look in the sides of the glove box as it may be there. If you cannot find it go to the Honda Owners web site and register your Civic. You can then get the radio code for free. Click the link.

You will need to contact a dealer if you don't have the code from the owners manuel. They are not supposed to charge you for the code!

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