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Where can you find an operating slide Iver Johnson US carbine 22 model ew22hba?


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2005-11-09 22:27:13
2005-11-09 22:27:13

Parts are very scarce for this 'Erma' of West Germany made gun. Some parts do show up on Ebay.

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gunpartscorp.com has the best selection of used IJ parts. IJ is back in business at http://www.iverjohnsonarms.com/ and may have parts.

The value of your Model 54 Winchester Carbine will depend on the condition. There are reports of sales of between 800.00-1000.00.

Daisy made a model 94 Carbine from 1954 - 1962, they also made a model 111 western carbine from 1963-1978. I can find no information on a Red Ryder 1938 carbine. However the 1938 Red Ryder is still in production.

Iver Johnson 9mm magazine awnserit takes the Iver Johnson 9mm model magazine (its a very specific mag) but you can find them at numerich (e-gunparts.com) just search for the make, model, then part. but just so you know for a 20rd mag it will cost you about 50 dollars plus shipping

With the serial number that you provided,your Springfield model 1873 Trapdoor Carbine was produced in the year 1877.

The model 336 is the regular rifle,the model 336C was the carbine version,and the 336CS was the carbine sporter edition.

The Daisy model 94 carbine and model 111 Western carbine both shot BB's in the .175 caliber, not pellets in the .177 caliber.

Yes an operating model train has friction.

The marlin model 39A is the rifle model,while the Marlin model 39M is the carbine model.

This JC Higgins model was made by Daisy air gun. It's a Daisy model 1894 Western Carbine ( Cactus Carbine ) in excellent condition it is worth $100. It was made between 1960-70. It is model 799.19210 for Sears.

Smith and Wesson model 59 clips

your Johnson is a 1985 year model

That would all depend on when your Winchester model 70 carbine was made.By determining this we would be able to see what type of grades were offered at the time of your rifles production.If you include your serial number,I would be able to date your model 70 carbine and see what grades were available at the time of production.

A carbine has a shorter barrel than a standard rifle. I have a Winchester model 70 carbine in 270 win and there isn't really any difference between the 20 inch barrel and that of my Brother in law's standard length 24 inch barrel, performance wise.

With the serial number that you provided,your Winchester model 1894 scout carbine was produced by Winchester in the year 1982.

The only Iver Johnson Model 50 is a .22 revolver. The only Iver Johnson 9mm Parabellum (Luger) is an M1 carbine sold in the mid 1980's. IJ did sell the Pony which is chambered for .380 ACP (also called 9mm Kurtz, 9mm Corto, and 9mm Browning short).

You have a Marlin model 336 rifle,which with the letter prefix of G indicates that your rifle was made in the year 1950.During this time frame Marlin made the model 336A,the model 336RC(Regular Carbine),the model 336SC(sporting carbine)and the standard model 336.

The Super Enforcer Model 3000 manufactured only in 1985 and 1986 is a pistol version of the US Carbine, 30 caliber, with an 11 inch barrel. It was re-introduced as the Enforcer with a 10 1/2 inch barrel in 1988 and discontinued in 1993. A great source of information on Iver Johnson firearms is the book by W.E. Goforth titled, "Iver-Johnson Arms & Cycle Works Firearms 1871-1993".

The Cactus Carbine model 799-19210 was made between 1960-70. It was made by Daisy Air gun and is really a Daisy model 1894 Cactus Carbine. Please state the condition of the rifle to get an estimate of value.

I assume it is a 45/70 trapdoor carbine. go to: trapdoors.com and compare your gun to those being sold, and their price

Plainfield carbines were a civilian version of the miltary carbine. Value is low, about $200.

Remington did not make a carbine in .44 Magnum caliber. They did chamber the Model 788 rifle in that caliber. Do you have a Ruger carbine in .44 Remington Magnum, or perhaps a Marlin in that caliber? sales@countrygunsmith.net

Your Model 94 Carbine was manufatured in the year 1949. Bert H.

The Daisy Model 94 Carbine was made between 1955-1962

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