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Numrich Arms has a schematic of it.

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Q: Where can you find assembly and disassembly and diagrams for a marlin model 27 or 27S pump action rifle manufactured from 1913 to 1916?
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What is the assembly and disassembly instructions for the bolt action of a Winchester Model 68?

It was made between 1934-1946. 100,030 made. No serial numbers. Your best bet is to find a copy of The Gun Digest Book of Firearms Assembly/Disassembly: Rimfire Rifles by J.B.Wood

How do you take apart a marlin lever action rifle?

The Gun Digest bookstore: sells the Assembly/Disassembly manual for centerfire rifles that discusses the Marlin lever action rifles.

How do you break down a Western Field 30-30 M72 lever action rifle?

A Westernfield M72 (actually a M72C) is a Mossberg Model 472. You might try for disassembly instructions for the Mossberg 472 in the Gun Digest Sporting Rifle Assembly/Disassembly book.

How do you remove the slide on High Standard Flight King slide action shotgun?

Go to and purchase the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly book for shotguns. The Flight King is in there.

Where could you find guides on assembly and disassembly of a Winchester model 62 slide 22 rifle?

Try this site: They have manuals for the Model 62 slide action rifles. Good luck.

Is manufactured an adjective?

Manufactured is a verb. Manufactured is an action. Adjectives describe a person place or thing.

How do you disassemble a marlin 30-30 lever action rifle?

Go to the Gun Digest bookstore at and buy the Gun Digest Assembly/Disassembly manual for sporting rifles. The Marlin 30-30 is in there.

Who manufactured Sears 30-30 lever action rifle?

The Sears 30/30 lever action was manufactured by Winchester Western.

Where was browning lever action manufactured?


Why choose assembly line manufacturing?

Using of an assembly line increases a production rate and a quantity of manufactured products. Every worker does only one kind of action, so it's easy to teach him (and - if needed - to replace him). Costs of manufacturing are lower.

How do you disassembly a lever action rifle?

Your options are: return it to the maker, go to a gunsmith, request a owner's manual from the maker.

Which component of a rifle contains the action spring the buffer assembly and the extension assembly?


Disassembly instructions for 22 Savage Arms rifle?

savage model 25 pump action 22 long rifle

How do you replace bolt action in a marlin 890?

Marlin did not make an 890. but they did make an 89C (often mistaken for an 890) This is a box magazine fed .22 LR semi-auto. If that is what you have, here is a link to a video showing assembly/ disassembly.

Who manufactured Sears 30 30 lever action rifle?


When was the Stevens model 580 410 bolt action shotgun manufactured?


In assembly how do you couple the block assembly to the slide action in a model 14 Remington?

You need to ask a gunsmith for help

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What year was your colt single action army serial number313213 manufactured?

Based on serial # 313213, It was manufactured in 1910. (312000-315999)

Is the AMT 380 single or double action?

Depends on when it was manufactured. The original models were single action; later models were double action only (DAO).

When was the Colt Single Action Army serial number 281535 manufactured?

about 1907

Who manufactured western field model 228 fr bolt action shotgun?

It is the same as the Kessler 128 manufactured between 1951-1953.

Does a malfunction cause an interruption in the cycle of operation for the m9 service pistol?

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Colt 45 revolver single action 5 inchbbl manufactured in 1897?

and the question is: .........................????????

When was colt 32-20 sn 306367 manufactured?

1908 if it is a Single Action Army