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Q: Where can you find clutch kit parts for Plymouth voyager le model 2.0ltr 4cyl 1999?
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What is the towing capacity for a 93 Plymouth Voyager?

The towing capacity for the 1993 Plymouth Voyager is about 2000 pounds. This varies somewhat depending on the model purchased.

Does a 1987 Plymouth voyager have airbags?

No. Air bags or ABS was not available in the 1987 model year Voyager.

97 Plymouth voyager Tapping noise passenger side engine compartment?

On our California model it is a smog device...

Wiring directions for installing a jvc cd player model number kd-lh1000 into a 1995 plymouth grand voyager?

Wiring directions for installing a JVC CD player model number kd-lh1000 into a 1995 Plymouth Grand Voyager are illustrated in the manufacturer-supplied manual.

When was the first minivan invented?

1984 model year -- Chrysler invented the first minivan -- Dodge Caravan and Plymouth Voyager

How do you remove a front bumper 1998 PLYMOUTH GRAND VOYAGER SE?

All cars are different . . . what year make and model

Where is the relay switch located on a Plymouth Voyager?

I had a 96 model, and I think (as far as I can remember) it was under the fan unit case.

What car make or model begins with the letter v?

Valiant (Plymouth), Vauxhall, Vectra (Opel), Vibe (Pontiac), Villager (Mercury), Volkswagen, Volvo and Voyager (Plymouth) are cars.

What's difference between Chrysler voyager and Plymouth voyager they look the same to me?

They are the same, as far as I know. Plymouth was a marque of the Chrysler Corporation that they discontinued around the turn of the century. The Plymouth Voyager was the equivalent of the Dodge Caravan, a minivan on a smaller chassis than the similar Dodge Grand Caravan and Chrysler Town and Country; prior to the end of Plymouth, Chrysler did not have an equivalent, so they moved the Voyager over from the Plymouth model line to Chrysler's. This is the story I got from a Chrysler salesman back in 2001, when I noticed the same thing. Chrysler also uses the name "Voyager" for the minivans that they sell in Europe; (rather than "Town & Country" as in the U.S.)

How much would a Plymouth Grand Voyager mini van weigh?

Depends on the bodystyle and whether it's a 6- or 8-passenger model

How do you tell what model engine of 1999 Plymouth voyager?

Open the hood and look for the white engine information sticker. It will tell you what size engine you have in liters.

What is the Plymouth Voyager engine number for a 1999 2.0 ltr 4-cylinder?

ive checked the chiltons manuals from 1984-1999 and it doesnt show a 2.0 ever being used for the voyager or caravan, it does however show a 2.4 ltr for 1999 and the engine code is B , some thanks willisAnswerQUESTIONS = hi thank you i have Chrysler voyager LE. 4-CyL. 2.0.L 1999 UK But i cannot Find 2.0-Liter Model clutch kit Part Number or any other part anywhere and what make and model Engine hay in Chrysler Voyager. (vin no. 1C4GHN2C4XU154550) But parts denote show 2.0L. Voyager parts ? THANKS FOUR HELP

What is a type of car that starts with the letter V?

A van. Proper nouns include the car makers Volvo and Volkswagen. Model names include Vauxhall, Viper (Dodge), and Voyager (Plymouth).

What is the correct spark plug gap on a 1999 Plymouth voyager 2.4L?

My Haynes repair manual says .048 to .053 inch for 1999-2000 year model 4-cyl 2.4L

Which car manufacturing company owes voyager brand?

Chryslar is one make that have a model voyager....

What happened to Plymouth?

Chrysler dropped the Plymouth line of vehicles after the 2001 model.

What was the last Plymouth model made?

The last Plymouth car was a 2001 Neon.

What was the first car in the Plymouth series called?

Plymouth Model U in 1929.

Can you bypass the immobiliser on a chrysler voyager 1997 model?


Does a 1992 Plymouth voyager transmission fit a 1996 one?

If they are the same transmission model, then it may be possible. The problem may be the electronics. It is best to check with a good transmission repair shop or a Chrysler/Dodge dealer.

Where is the alarm location on a Chrysler Voyager 12-2004 European model?

The alarm is located on the braking system on the Chrysler Voyager 12-2004 European model.

When was the last year Plymouth made in America?

2001 when they sold the last Plymouth Neon the only model Plymouth sold that year.

How do you adjust hydraulic clutch on 92 standard sl?

Hydraulic clutch on that model is not ajustable. You either have a bad clutch slave cylinder, Or the clutch and pressure plate needs replaced.

How do you use a clutch on a 4 wheeler?

if there's a clutch, depending on the make and model, i may not be on a 4 wheeler

Is Plymouth american made still?

Plymouth brand was retired by its parent company, Chrysler, in 2001. The last Plymouth car was a 2001 model Neon.