Where can you find code for CD player for Mitsubishi Galant 2000?

get your VIN and call your local mitsu dealer, they will be able to help you, but only if that stereo came with that car.

Take out your radio and you will find a serial number on top, and Part number, similar to MMRXXX. Please call 1-888-MITSU2005,Keep your VIN number Handy.Tell this number to Mitubishi Rep. and they will give you the code at no charge. The radio has to be the factory radio that came with the car.

Take it to the Mitsubishi dealer, mine charged me $40.

It's on a card in your owner's manual. A dealer would charge $40. to tell you what time it is.

I bought one from a garage sale and all i had to do was call the dealer and have the serial number of the radio and vin number of the car and they gave me the code. It doesnt have to be the CD player that came with that car. It can be any mitsubushi CD player for that model and they will do it free on the phone