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Where can you find color photos of a 38 caliber Rohm revolver with a 2'' barrel?

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Go here -

2008-08-03 19:20:19
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It will have a barrel of some length between 7/8" and 14.5", it will have a cylinder that holds the cartridges, it will have a frame surronding the cylinder which the barrel attaches to, it will have, in most cases, a trigger guard and a trigger, it will have a grip of some sort that will have metal, wood, plastic or rubber one piece grip or two piece (or more) grip panels; it may or maynot have a visible hammer; it probably will have a front sight and some sort of rear sighting arrangement; usually will have something on frame or under the barrel to release the cylinder for loading and unloading; and it can have a finish of almost any color now-a-days, but mostly blued or stainless steel or nickel plated. Hope this helps...????

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Can you paint an air soft revolver if so how do you do it?

Yes, you can paint an air soft revolver, you just have to take it apart and paint only the casing, should you get paint on any of the gun's internals it will either work badly or fail altogether.Do not paint the tip of the barrel any color other than the orange it came in, it is the univrsal symbol that it is a toy, not a real gun.If it looks like a real gun, police will shoot you.Aside from that go for it man,Peace

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